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I usually give away a book from another author, but this month I’m going to do something different. To celebrate the release of my new book, Give It a Go, I’m giving a copy of it away instead. You could be the first winner of a giveaway for my new book, Give It a Go.

To enter: just comment on anything in this Book Blast in the comment boxes below or send a comment to this address:

I will choose a winner to receive this ebook at random from all my Book Blast readers who comment in the next three days (on or before September 27.) Or you can read my free chapters from the link below.

In my August Book Blast, I gave away Second Opinion by Hannah Alexander. The winner was Ruth from Montana.  You can see who this month’s winner is in my next Book Blast.

September 2022 is a special month for me.

 On September 22, 2022 I released the ebook version of my book, Give It a Go, Book 2 in my New Beginnings series. To prepare readers for Book 2, I also lowered the price of Book 1, Short Poppies, to $.99 for the whole month of September. I’ve had a fun month crafting memes, posting on Facebook and Pinterest, even making a video which I don’t do very often. At the same time I’ve been waiting for a visa to come to a pastor’s wife in the US so my husband and I can take a six-month furlough. Just two weeks away from the time we planned to leave, we’re still waiting for the visa to be granted.

Check it out!

 Of course, you could just buy Short Poppies and Give It a Go and read them in order. But if you’re like me, you might want to check them out first. Here are several ways to do that.

Read the summaries.


Short Poppies

As the youth pastor of Victory Road Church, Levi’s pumped about the growth he sees—until he gets fired. Suddenly he is pushed into six weeks of missions work at Friendly Bay Bible Church in Oamaru, New Zealand. He comes prepared with 147 sermons and devotionals, and 793 games, but he finds working in a small mission church isn’t as easy as he thought.

MacKenzie is almost engaged to Mike, but when she hears about a six-week mission trip, she feels something calling her that she can’t explain. When a medical emergency changes the dynamics, Kenzie is forced to work under Levi while he tries to force big church ideas on a small mission church.

MacKenzie’s not available and Levi’s not looking. They drive each other crazy but they have to work together to fill a sudden ministry need which no one else can fill. They find even six weeks of ministry can make a difference to at-risk teens at a critical time in their lives.

Give It a Go:

When visitors move on to other churches, Pastor Greg recites excuses for why church attendance is dropping. Two years after the death of his beloved wife, Dana, however, he realizes that, without a trained, fulltime partner in ministry, the church will continue to suffer. Greg feels the Lord leading him to open his heart again.

Jennifer is happy with her life and job in America and glad to live close to her children and grandchildren. When MacKenzie suggests Jennifer take a puppet team to New Zealand, Jennifer suspects a matchmaking scheme. She responds with a definite “uh uh.” No way is she going to traipse down to New Zealand to throw herself at a pastor she respects too highly to consider dating. Or would dating even be possible in their situation?

When the compelling nature of the trip calls to Jennifer, however, she agrees to go, but only to pass new skills on to mission churches. When Greg asks the unthinkable, will she be willing to give the idea a go, trusting God to lead her down a different path, not knowing where it will lead?

Read free chapters.

Read the first four chapters of Short Poppies for free.

Read the first five chapters of Give It a Go for free.

Where can you buy Short Poppies and Give It a Go?

Short Poppies from Amazon 

 Give It a Go from Amazon

Short Poppies from Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, or Rakuten Kobo

Give It A Go from Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, or Rakuten Kobo

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To enter my giveaway for Give It a Go: just comment on anything in this Book Blast in the comment boxes below or send a comment to this address:

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  1. I purchased Short Poppies for my daughter a few weeks ago. She loves reading and she enjoyed the story. I think she would love to read Give It A Go.

  2. I think I will purchase Short Poppies today for some winter reading in the long dark evenings coming up. I’ll give you my recently published book in PDF if you would like to give it a read. If you are blessed, I would ask for a review but certainly no obligation.

    Have a good day and I am looking forward to reading you book. Blessings!

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