Announcing the Arrival of My New Novel!

broken windows 043This weekend I am launching my new novel, Broken Windows. It is much like a cozy mystery in that it has no profanity, sex, or gratuitous violence. It does, however, deal with some serious issues. Though it is a fun book, this Christian novel also challenges even mature Christians to think. So if you’re tired of shallow Christian fiction that mimics Hollywood romances, you might want to try Broken Windows.

My last book was a memoir about Mary Weaver, an innocent caregiver who was accused of first-degree murder. The story happened in and around Marshalltown, Iowa which provided a venue for an amazing book launch. This time around, however, I’m dealing with fiction and I am nearly 10,000 miles from most of my readers. This launch will look a lot different from my last one. In my December 15, 2014 blog (Must-Have Homes for Authors) I told some of my plans for this launch. Today I plan to follow that up with the details of the actual launch. I’m hoping this will help other authors who are looking for ideas for their own launches as well as direct readers to some fun activities.

First of all, I announced in December that I planned my launch on January 16. The first rule for launches is: Never announce a date for a launch unless you’re absolutely sure the book will be for sale (and in your hands, if necessary) on launch date. Well, I broke that rule because I thought I had plenty of time to bring the book to publication. Wrong. Due to circumstances beyond my control I’m launching this book a whole month later than planned. Thankfully, since this launch is entirely online, I don’t think the delay will inconvenience my readers at all. I’m so thankful that last time, when we had an auditorium full of friends and supporters, the books arrived on time.



You’ve heard me say it before. Amazon reviews are gold to a writer. This time I’ve had some readers read my book ahead of time and give input. I’ve asked these people to post reviews ahead of my launch. You can read the reviews that have already been posted here. I am also looking for about five readers who would like to receive my book free in exchange for an honest review. If this is something you’d enjoy doing, just comment on this blog.

Author Central is a good author’s tool. I only had to make minor changes to bring this up to date. You can read it here.


You are reading my blog now. If you want to find my book from my website, you can find it here. Soon it will link to my first chapter. (Situations beyond my control again.) And while you’re there, you might want to look at some of the other free resources I have. You can follow my blog from here by clicking on “subscribe” in the sidebar or from my Facebook Author Page by clicking on “like” at the top of the Author Page.

Facebook Author Page

I want to have a little fun with my Facebook Page. You’ll find items of interest if you are a car guy, an artist, a writer, an M.K., or if you’ve ever been to Boise, serve in ministry, or have ever read any of my books. You can also go in the draw to win a free book here.


On Goodreads you can enter my giveaway here. You can ask me a question under “Ask An Author,”  or become my friend or fan here. Or you can join the Christian Books Only Review Group here.


Broken Windows includes some fun graffiti images and photos. Adding even one color image to a book means the whole book has to be printed differently from a black and white book and the cost is prohibitive. If you want to see these images in color, go to my Pinterest board. (The Nook version is also in color.)

So many ways to connect with me at this time! I’d love to hear from you.

You can find Broken Windows as a paperback here.

Or the Kindle version here. (Coming soon!)

Or the Nook version here.

Coming soon!

The Kindle version of Broken Windows should be up soon, probably within a week. Also the first chapter should soon be up soon on the Amazon description page. Thank you for your patience.



7 thoughts on “Announcing the Arrival of My New Novel!

  1. Hi,
    I’d love the opportunity to receive your new book and review it. I love reading, and read from a wide variety of genres and “suggested ages.” I read your kids’ book Peanut Butter Friends in a Chop Suey World a few months ago. And for Christmas I received Two Sides to Everything, which I’m planning to read soon. 🙂 Meanwhile, I’m just finishing a book about Dorothy Carey, as well as making slower progress through Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design.
    We’re planning a trip to the S. Island in late April/early May. Perhaps we’ll have opportunity to meet.
    Warm regards,

  2. I entered the contest to win a copy of your new release. If you still need a few reviewers, I’d be pleased to do so. You can read my reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. A number of those were read and honestly reviewed at the authors (or publishers) request. They are notated with a disclaimer so you will be able to identify those vs general reviews.

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