Changes in Christian Publication

I’ve been writing for Christian publication for about 35 years. Wow, have things changed!  Thirty five years ago “Christian publication” meant you typed out a manuscript for an article or book on your typewriter and sent it to traditional publishers, one at a time, until your manuscript was accepted. Once you had exhausted all reasonable markets in this way, you were done. Without publishers, the gatekeepers to publication, your words would never be printed and distributed to any more than your closest circle of friends.

Today there are many different kinds of publishers and many ways to get your words in print, some that involve no paper. Opportunities are growing exponentially, but the learning curve is great.

Some of us don’t want to change. We want to keep using the writing skills we’ve already learned and forget about websites, blogs, digital publication, platform, and all the rest. We can resist change if we want, but if we do, we will quickly become irrelevant and side-lined from the audience we want to reach.

Two things are true:

1. Today more opportunity exists in publication than ever before.

2. Those opportunities demand growth in skills. As contemporary writers we don’t have to know how to do everything, but we will need to learn to do new things.

Just now I am totally revamping my website and starting a whole new approach to blogging. I feel the Lord leading me to offer hope and help for ministry by writing practical, transparent articles for readers involved in three kinds of ministry: writing, cross-cultural ministry, and general church ministry. This does not mean I embrace change or that I’m confident navigating social media, leaving comments, and linking to all sorts of sites and information. It means I refuse to let fear hold me back from meaningful ministry when I sense the Lord’s clear leading.

In the weeks ahead I’ll talk about writing for Christian publication. Meanwhile check out my writing tips. Besides the information I present there, what other topics would you like to see me cover?

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