7-Color Object Lesson About Jesus

This simple object lesson can be adapted for children’s church, Sunday school, or weekday Bible clubs. It can be used as an Easter or Christmas lesson as well as other occasions. It uses 7 colors and verses to teach kids these things about Jesus.

  • Purple: He was the King of heaven. Revelation 19:16
  • Blue: He came to earth as a baby boy. Luke 2:12
  • Green: He grew up in a way that honoured God. Luke 2:52
  • White: He lived a holy life without ever sinning. 2 Corinthians 5:21
  • Black: He took our sin on himself on the cross. 2 Corinthians 5:21
  • Red: He shed his blood and died for our sin. 1 John 1:7
  • Gold: If we believe on Jesus, someday we will live with him in heaven. He is there now preparing a place for us. John 14:2-3

Jesus Candy Bags

  • Print the poem to fit a small candy bag. Then fill bags with jelly beans or other candy in these colors: purple, blue, green, white, black, red, and yellow.
  • Read the poem. Then use the verses to explain how each color tells us something about Jesus.
  • Give each child a candy bag to take home.

Jesus Bookmark Bible

This object lesson surprises, almost like a magic lesson. You start pulling a bookmark from what looks like an ordinary Bible to reveal a book mark of 7 colors that is roughly 5 yards (5 meters) long.

Make the bookmark:

  • Buy about 27 inches (70 cm) ribbon about 1 inch (2 ½ cm) wide in each of these colors: purple, blue, green, white, black, red, gold (or yellow.) You’ll need an extra 5 inches or so of the gold or another color to attach to the gold.
  • Cut the ends of the ribbons at a slant to keep them from unravelling. You may want to finish the edges with a liquid fray stopper and let dry. To make one long ribbon, glue the purple ribbon to the blue by overlapping the edges about ¼ inch (5mm)at the ends and gluing them together. Continue to glue ends together until you have one very long ribbon with colors in this order: purple, blue, green, white, black, red, and gold.


Prepare the Bible:

Find an old Bible that is no longer in good enough condition to use and transform it into a teaching tool. A hard back Bible may work slightly better than a soft back one, but either will do.

Cut a hole in the Bible to make a “box” to contain the bookmark. Open the cover and use a sharp razor blade knife to cut a hole down through the pages in the center of the pages leaving about an inch (2 ½ cm) margin all the way around. You will probably only be able to cut through about ¼ inch (5 mm) of pages at a time. Flip the cut pages open and continue to cut until you are through Revelation and to the cover. Be careful not to cut through the back cover. Discard the middle part of the pages. Close the pages until the edges are aligned. You might want to add some glue between some of the pages to make the outside edges more stable.

Glue the extra length of the gold end of the bookmark to the inside of the box, so that, when extended, plenty of the gold ribbon shows outside the Bible

Fan fold the ribbon by starting at the purple end and folding the ribbon at distances slightly smaller than the length of the hole in the Bible.

When you have folded the ribbon close to the Bible, insert the folded ribbon into the hole, close the cover, and put a rubber band around the Bible to keep the ribbon inside.

Share the lesson:

  • Explain that you have a Bible that has been read and used until it’s falling apart. In fact you need a rubber band to hold it together. But even though the Bible isn’t in good enough condition to use, it can still teach a lesson about Jesus.
  • Starting with the purple end which protrudes from the Bible, teach the various points about Jesus. With each new color, pull the ribbon carefully out until the next color shows. At the end you’ll have about 5 yards (5 meters) of ribbon pooling on the floor with the kids probably wondering how all that ribbon came from one Bible.
  • When the lesson is done, store the Bible in a place where the children can’t find it and dig around until they discover the secret of how the Bible works.

Q: How can I make copies of the 7-Color Jesus Poem?


To copy the png image with American spelling: simply copy the image at the top of the page and size it to your specifications.

To copy the png image with British spelling: use this image.

7 Color Jesus poem Brit spelling


To copy the png color strip: use this image.

7 Color Jesus Strip


To use the pdf file for four smaller copies to a page use this link: 7 Color Jesus small poems This is useful for placing in candy bags or using it like a gift card. This file should fit letter size or A4 paper or card. Note this file uses the American spelling of “favor.”

Q: Can I change or share the lesson?

A: The png color strip allows you to use the colors and verses, but alter the text. I simply ask that if you share this object lesson, digitally or in print, with another ministry leader or teacher, that you include “from DebBrammer.com” somewhere on the lesson.

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