Gifts for Baby Jesus

Gifts for Baby Jesus

by Deb Brammer 

      This is a super-simple program which could be used for a Christmas Eve service or any time you need something short and easy at Christmas time. 

Cast: Mary, Joseph, Angel, Shepherd, Wise Man, all dressed to suit their part, plus a narrator. 

Props: A doll Baby Jesus in a manger, five presents.


      My life: Gift-wrapped package.

      My plans and ambitions: Gift-wrapped package.

      My song of praise: Large copy of a Christmas carol in public domain.

      Message: Large copy of Luke 2:8-16.

      Gold: Rocks spray-painted gold.

      Frankincense: Ornate bottle with an antique look.

      Myrrh: Ornate box with an antique look. 

      One by one each character steps forward, places his gift at the foot of the manger, and says his lines to “Baby Jesus.” Then he steps aside and the next character steps forward. 


Imagine me, the mother

      Of God’s most holy Son!

I never would have thought

      That I would be the one.

I’ll be this Baby’s mother,

      And raise Him tenderly,

For He’ll be like no other

      He’ll save the world—and me!

            I give Jesus my life. 


The angel’s words amaze me,

      But I believe they’re true.

I’ll follow his instructions

      Because God wants me to.

I’ll take care of this baby,

      I’ll raise Him like a son.

I’ll leave my town, give up my job,

      And do what must be done.

            I give Jesus my plans and ambitions. 


Creator steps from heaven

      With all its glories grand

To live on earth, a baby;

      I just can’t understand.

Yet I will sing His praises

      And bring to earth my joy,

For God’s plan of salvation

      Will come in Mary’s boy.

            I give Jesus my song of praise. 


The angel’s message is so great

      I’ll leave my flocks behind.

This baby in a manger laid

      Is one Who I must find.

I’ll spread the news of Jesus

      To everyone I see

For He is the Messiah.

      Some day He’ll die for me.

            I’ll give the message to others for Jesus. 

Wise Man:

I gave up years of living

      To only do one thing:

I had to find the Christ child

      And worship Him as King.

I’ll give Him costly presents;

      He’s worthy of each one;

And worship Him, the King of Kings,

      The Savior, God’s own Son.

            I give Jesus gold, frankincense, and myrrh. 


As we celebrate our Lord’s birthday

      And hustle for presents to trade,

Remember the first present, always,

      Should go to the Bethlehem Babe.

YOU are what our Lord wants for His birthday.

      Don’t refuse Him this cherished request,

For we give what is wanted at Christmas

      To the ones that our hearts love the best. 

      You may want to follow this with a devotional about giving our lives to Jesus at Christmas time.

      Suggested song: What Can I Give Him?