God’s Beauty Make-over

God’s Beauty Make-over



Give out simple paper doll shapes ahead of time and have ladies and girls decorate them with any medium. Announce that prizes will be awarded.


For fliers, etc, I used a clip art picture of a pig and pasted a gold ring in his snout.



We used a combination of games. The prize for each game was play money which   we designed with a pig in the middle of each bill. They could use the money at an auction which was the last game. Feel free to use any part of this and adapt freely to meet your needs.


Beauty Treatment

As the ladies and girls arrive, give each a paper plate and allow them to decorate it like a lady’s face. Supply various craft items and glue. Have judges or vote on winners in many categories. Give out play money generously. You could award money for: most creative, prettiest, bad hair day, most expressive, looks most like the artist, happiest. Have some categories that make it easy for little girls to win.


Second Hand Shop

Throw a heap of clothing items into a big pile. (If you have a large number, divide the ladies and girls into groups and give each group a pile.) When the bell rings each person puts on as many articles of clothing as she can until the bell rings again. Each person can only pick up one item at a time and it must be fastened before she picks up the next item. A person can only put on one of each kind of article (one top, one scarf, one belt). When the bell rings the second time each person receives $10 play money for each article she is wearing.


Fashion Show

Give prizes for the paper dolls they decorated at home. These should be judged ahead of time. Think of categories that fit the pictures so that each picture receives a prize. Some prizes may get more play money than others. We awarded prizes in these categories: most like a Biblical character, creative hair using felt tip markers, happiest face, most intricate hair, teamwork, extra effort, best resemblance of themselves, nice shoes, most folded, most creative, used lots of ideas, best representation of Southland (our area).


Mother-Daughter Contest

Award prizes in different categories which you have chosen ahead of time to work well for your ladies and girls. For example: mother with the most kids, mothers who did the dishes before they came, daughters (under 21) who did the dishes sometime this week, grandmother with the most grandchildren, mothers who colored a picture this week, daughters who gave their mothers a hug today, anyone who bought clothes at a second hand shop this week.



Collect a bunch of second hand items and wrap them up ahead of time. Wrap some nice items to look uninviting. Wrap some losers to look special. Make the items funny and confusing. A very pretty box may only contain a few clothespins. For the auction allow women and girls to bid on the various items with the play money they have earned. They are allowed to put their money together to bid or give their money to someone else. They cannot open any items until all are sold. This is later used as an illustration that you can’t tell from the outside what a person is like.



Use this puppet show.If you don’t want to use puppets, do it as a skit.



Here’s a sketchy outline of what I did:


Women like to look beautiful.

The Beauty Treatment and Fashion Show games show skills at making things beautiful.

The Second Hand Shop games hints at our love for shopping to find nice clothes.

We may use beauty treatments, color analysis, exercises to make our outsides look beautiful in the mirror.

What about the inner you?

Sometimes we look in the mirror of comparison to others.

We may be nicer than than our mean neighbor or not as talented as someone else. Compared to others we may not look too bad. Or maybe we feel inferior when we are doing our best.

Mirror of God’s Word compares us to God.

We fall short. Rom. 3:23 We can never meet His standard of holiness. We need salvation.

People look at our outer appearance but God looks at our hearts. 1 Sam. 16:7. As in the auction, looks can be deceiving.

God wants to do a beauty make-over on our inner selves.

He’ll give us garments of salvation. Isa. 61:10

Then God wants to make our everyday lives beautiful—like Christ. Gal. 5:22

When you look in the mirror do you want to say like Pansy (in the puppets), “Oh, help!”?

God wants to help us become beautiful inside, like Christ.

Song: Let the Beauty of Jesus Be Seen In Me