Jewelry of the Heart

Jewelry of the Heart



I found a clip art, heart-shaped locket and used it for fliers and stuff. I collected various kinds of interesting jewelry from church ladies and made a display. The visual for the devotions also added to the decorations.



One of our ladies makes jewelry. She brought supplies and allowed everyone to make one kind of jewelry.


Devotions Visual

I made a “necklace” out of beads made from gold-foiled cardboard. I used plasti-tack to fasten it to the wall in a necklace shape, then added gold cord for the chain. Then I printed out 9 blue inserts which listed the points of the devotional. As I gave each point I fastened the insert for that point into one of the beads on the necklace. The inserts were the same shape as the beads, but about ½ inch smaller all around to allow some of the gold foil to show.



God uses a word picture to symbolize his love for Israel. Ezekiel 16:10-14

Giving jewelry is a way to show love.

Wearing jewelry can make us beautiful.

1 Peter 3:3-4 talks about another kind of beauty.

Jewelry, nice hairdos, modest, tasteful clothing, can make us look beautiful.

Inner beauty is more important.

Before we put on jewelry we want to be clean and wearing proper clothing.

What if you put a diamond necklace over rags? Isa. 64:5-6, Psalm 51:7 We need salvation.


Jewelry of the heart (from 1 Peter 3:3-4):

1. gentle and quiet spirit

2. chaste conduct—moral purity

3. compassion

4. love

5. tender heart

6. courtesy

7. truth

8. good works

9. love of peace


The focus is on others, not on ourselves.

These things show our love for others.

These things make us truly beautiful.

            This kind of beauty never goes out of style.

            It doesn’t fade with age.

            It helps others see the beauty of Jesus.