Names of Jesus

Names of Jesus

by Art and Deb Brammer


This is a very simple program which includes puppets, children with small parts, and a choir.




Puppets: Use the script for “Could Be Worse” which is under Puppet Scripts on this website.


Children’s Songs: We used “Wonderful Counselor” and the chorus for “Lift the Name” sung together. Though the key for the two songs is different, it sounds fine if you just keep on playing and singing from one song to the chorus of the next.

  • “Wonderful Counselor” by Ruth E. Turnwall, 1973 by CEFI. It is in Growing Songs for Children #1 by CEF Press.
  • “Lift the Name” by Ron Hamilton, 1987 by Majesty Music Inc. It is in Praises III by Majesty Music.


Choir Songs:

  • “We Come O Christ to You” words by Margaret Clarkson. Tune is the same as “Rejoice the Lord is King” by John Darwall. It is in The Hymnal of Worship and Celebration by Word Music or google it to find the words.

We put together two medleys for a combination of these songs:

  • “Jesus, Name Above All Names” by Naida Hearn, 1974 by Maranatha! Music
  • “His Name is Wonderful” by Audrey Mieir, 1959 by Manna Music
  • “Emmanuel” by Bob McGee, 1976 by C.A. Music
  • “God Is with Us! Alleluia!” by Ken Bible, 1998 by Pilot Point Music (The tune for the last song is “All Creatures of Our God and King.”)


You can find these medleys in: Carols for Christmas: A Treasury of 52 Favorites New and Old, 1998 by Lillenas; and “Magnify the Lord” 1986 by Lillenas.


Children’s Names: This program is based on the names of Christ and requires a simple part to be written for the name of every child with a speaking part. For the meaning of names google “meaning of names” or “baby names.”


Here’s some examples we used of children in our church:


  • Caleb was a strong man who stood for God when hardly anyone else believed God could give them the land. I want to stand for God like Caleb.


  • Ezra was a scribe in the Bible who helped people come back to God. Ezra means “help.” I want to help and serve God.


  • (Emma) I was named Emma Katherine after Mum and Dad’s very good friend Kathy who is a missionary to Nicaragua. My parents hope I will serve the Lord like she does.


  • Isaac in the Bible was a very special son for his parents. My parents want me to have a good name like Isaac did.


  • Danielle means “God is my judge.” I want to serve God throughout my whole life like Daniel in the Bible did.


  • (Lisa) I was named Lisa Jayne by my Dad. Jayne means “God is gracious.” God is good to me.



You can use posters or Christmas cards that have the names of Jesus on bulletin boards or walls.


Cut out red or gold stars from shiny cardboard with a foil surface.  Print out the various names of Jesus in the program, each in a different font, and glue in the center of each star.  Use a paper punch to make a hole in the top point of each star. Insert a hook in each hole. Decorate a small Christmas tree with these stars and a shiny garland or lights.


You may want to copy the words of public domain carols on a bulletin or program. For the cover of the program use the names of Christ in different fonts. Cut the names out and paste them at various angles on the cover.




[Congregation sings several Christmas carols. Puppet team takes its place during last verse of song.]


Puppets: Could Be Worse


[Puppet team sits. Narrator stands to one side of platform. Children line up across platform, holding their signs. To avoid extra movement make sure the children are in the right order for the Isaiah 9:6 part from the beginning.]


Narrator: While waiting for a new baby to be born parents often spend months deciding what to name it.  Some parents look for a meaningful name and hope the child will live up to that meaning.  Some pick names for the way they sound.  Others choose family names to carry on history.  Let’s see what we have among our church kids.


Names: [One by one kids tell the meaning of their name or who they were named after. Each holds a card with his/her name on it.]


Narrator: Seven hundred years before Jesus was born, God told the prophet Isaiah some prophecies about Jesus’ life.  Two of these prophecies spoke of His birth.  Other prophecies described the work that He would do, calling Him, “the Servant.”  Another prophecy told about Jesus’ death for our sins. They tell of One Who would come as the Messiah; our Savior and Israel’s King.  Our kids will tell us what Isaiah wrote about Who Jesus would be.


[Isaiah 9:6: Kids 3-6 have “their” name for Christ on a card behind their own name. They bring the card with the name for Christ in front of their name as they say their parts.]


Child 1: For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given.  And the government will be upon His shoulder.


Child 2: And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.


Child 3: “Wonderful Counselor” means Jesus will help us solve our problems.


Child 4: “Mighty God” means God is powerful to help us.


Child 5: “Everlasting Father” means Jesus will always take care of us.


Child 6: “Prince of Peace” means Jesus can bring peace to our hearts.


[Song: All children sing: “Wonderful Counsellor/Lift the Name.” Kids leave to sit in audience. Choir members take their place on platform.]


Narrator: Many years later God’s eternal Son was born into the world as a baby. God didn’t leave it to Mary and Joseph to choose just any name for Him. God told them to name Him Jesus. And He told them the reason: “for He shall save His people from their sins. ” Jesus means “Savior.” That was the primary reason for Jesus’ birth, for His coming into this world. He came on a mission to save people from their sins. In John 14:6 Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” Jesus is the only Way to get to God. He is absolute Truth we can depend on. If we trust in Him, He will give us new and abundant Life.


[Choir sings: We Come, O Christ, to You.]


Narrator: The Bible gives more than 100 names of Jesus. Why so many? Each name tells us something different about Jesus. Each name shows us a different view of the wonderful relationship we can have with Him. We learn Who Jesus is from His many names. For example, His name “Emmanuel” means “God with us.” It reminds us that that God came down from heaven, became flesh, and lived among us! And that’s what Christmas is all about.


[Choir sings medley: “Jesus, Name Above All Names; His Name is Wonderful; Emmanuel; God Is with Us! Alleluia!” Choir sits.]


Several men can give a short talk about one of the names of Christ.