NT Lesson 3 – Grows Up



Luke 2:41-52

God has all power. He can do anything he wants to do. God knows everything.  God is everywhere. Jesus was always God. When he came to earth as a baby, he became a person, too. When Jesus became a person, he limited himself. Jesus did not sin as other people do. But Jesus got tired and hungry. He needed to sleep. When he hurt himself he felt pain. He limited himself to learn and think as a child.

Jesus grew into a strong, healthy boy. He listened to his teachers and learned many things. When he was twelve years old Mary and Joseph took him to Jerusalem for a feast. Jesus and his family traveled to Jerusalem with a group of other people. They visited friends and relatives. They went to the temple and worshiped God.

When the feast was over Mary and Joseph started to go home. They thought Jesus was in the group they were traveling with. But that night, when they looked for Jesus, they could not find him. They were very worried. They went back to Jerusalem and looked for Jesus.

After three days Mary and Joseph found Jesus in the temple. Jesus was sitting with teachers from the temple. He was listening to them and asking them questions.  Everyone who heard Jesus was amazed that he knew so much about God.

When Mary found Jesus, she scolded him. “Why are you treating us like this?” she said. “We have been worried about you. We looked all over for you for three days.”

Jesus said, “Why couldn’t you find me? Didn’t you know I would be in my Father’s house?” The temple was God’s house. Jesus knew God was his Father. But Mary and Joseph did not understand what Jesus said.

Then Jesus went home with Mary and Joseph. He obeyed them and did everything they told him to do.


Names of Places



power (n)

limit (v)

tired (adj)

hungry (adj)

pain (n)

worship (v)

worry (v)

temple (n)

amaze (v)

scold (v)

treat (v)


Present         Past                Past Participle         Future

grow               grew               has grown                 will grow

take                 took                 has taken                  will take

find                 found             has found                  will find


  1. What did Jesus and his family do in Jerusalem?
  2. Why did Mary and Joseph leave Jerusalem without Jesus?
  3. How many days did Mary and Joseph look for Jesus?
  4. Where did they find Jesus?
  5. Why were the teachers in the temple amazed at Jesus?
  6. Did Jesus obey Mary and Joseph?