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Perhaps you’ve read a book recently that you really loved and wish you could thank the author. Here’s an easy, free way to help an author and make him or her really happy: Write a review of his or her book on Amazon. Good Amazon reviews are gold to authors, especially if they don’t have many or all of their reviews have been written a long time ago.

You don’t have to buy your book from Amazon to review it on Amazon, but you do have to have an Amazon account.

Amazon is the biggest bookseller in America and it often has the cheapest price for the books you want to buy, so why wouldn’t you want to have an account with them? If you don’t know how to open an account, this link will tell you.

Sign into your account.

Type the title or author of the book you want to review into the search box. When the book comes up scroll down until you find the box “Write a Review” and click on that. Choose how many stars you want to give the book and then write your review.

Write your review.

Even a short review is helpful, but here are some tips to make your review especially helpful.

Include why you liked the book.

You don’t have to spend time summarizing the book, as the book summary will already be included above the reviews. Don’t tell so much about the book that you spoil the ending. But be specific about the reasons you liked the book. This will help customers decide if they want to buy the book. You can even compare the book to similar books by the same author or others.

Don’t make your review too long or too short.

Written reviews must be at least 20 words long and can’t be more than 5000. A good length is 75 to 100 words, but even a very short review will help the author.

Be honest.

Don’t give a book a 5 star rating if you don’t feel it deserves it. If your comments are too sentimental and your praise is overdone, the customer will probably think you are a friend of the author’s and disregard everything you say. You may want to balance your praise. You could say something like this, “While the book includes numerous religious references I think someone who isn’t a Christian would still enjoy it.” Or “This novel doesn’t have as much action as some suspense novels, but the characterization more than makes up for it.”

Very negative reviews may help a customer decide whether or not to buy the book, but unless you feel very strongly about the negative points, you may not feel that you want to post a review that will actually hurt sales for the author. After all, authors are people too.

If you received the book free in exchange for your review, it is good to mention this.

Don’t reveal a personal relationship with the author.

If you are a friend or relative of the author, keep your review impersonal. If Amazon suspects you aren’t an impartial reviewer, they may pull your review. You can use a generic name like “avid reader” or “Colorado romance lover” if you’d rather not give your real name.

Don’t obsess, just do it.

You don’t have to be a professional book reviewer or write a long review to be helpful. Just think about what you would want to know if you were considering buying the book and write your true feelings. Even a star rating with one sentence about the book will boost the number of reviews and help the author.


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  1. Thank you Deb. Your Post is definitely ‘time sensitive’ since I am getting ready to write a review on Amazon for Deborah Raney, Author of a book I just read entitled, ‘A Vow To Cherish’. Your Post has helped me.


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