Sneak Peek at My Upcoming Mystery

Broken Windows cover thumbnailToday you get to be the first people to get a sneak peek at the cover of Book 1 of my upcoming Keyhole Mystery Series.  Today is the cover reveal.  What do you think?

Each of the Keyhole Mysteries will unlock new worlds. Broken Windows will allow you to peep through the keyhole of the art community as well as the world of wheelchairs and disability.

Q: When will Broken Windows be released?

A: Early in 2015.

 Q: What are you working on now?

A: The book is entirely finished. I’ve had several people pre-read it and give input. Based on that, I’m making some minor changes. I’m also working on the sequel. Waiting until 2015 to release the book will allow me to link it better to the sequel. Today my husband is working on some of the images that will be included in the book. I’ve also received permission to include pictures of several of the statues that are part of the artwork featured in the book. Then come the various publication issues: uploading, formatting, printing, Kindle conversion, proofreading, and approving galleys.

 Q: What burning issues do you have yet to resolve?

A: Should I call it a cozy mystery or just a mystery? I know this seems like a small matter, but if I choose a category that doesn’t fit it well, readers could be disappointed. It does have many of the characteristics of a cozy: amateur sleuth, quirky characters, minimal violence and gore, no sex or profanity. It also emphasizes the mystery puzzle and character development more than danger and chase scenes. On the other hand, though much of it is lighthearted, it does deal with some weighty spiritual issues like why God allows bad things to happen and how to define success.  My pre-readers seem to like this aspect of the book, but they, and I, wonder if this takes it away from the cozy mystery classification.

Q: What kind of reaction have you gotten from your pre-readers?

A: My pre-readers have given me good input that helps me to know changes I need to make. I appreciate that so much.  They’ve also responded with encouragement and enthusiasm for the project. Here’s an example of some of their comments:

 “Having a special needs grandson, I really appreciated the way you brought to life the struggles and feelings of special needs folks, as well as helped us see their side of interaction with “normal” people.” 

 “The struggles of the main characters seemed too weighty to me to be in keeping with the “cozy” mystery category. This book was much more thought-provoking [than cozy mysteries], but in a very good way.”

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