Perfect Gift for the Price of a Card: How to Gift an Ebook

With Christmas just weeks away, consider the advantages of giving the reader on your list an ebook.

  • Most ebooks cost no more than a greeting card.
  • You can gift it to people who live far away without paying postage.
  • It makes a great stocking stuffer or smaller gift.
  • You don’t have to leave your house to shop for it.
  • You can order it now and have it delivered on Christmas Day.
  • A quality book gives a reader hours of pleasure and relaxation.
  • A great Christian book can inspire and encourage.

Cheap.  Easy. Postage free.  Meaningful.  How could you miss?

Don’t know how to gift an ebook? Here’s some links to explain how to gift a Kindle, iBook, Nook, or Kobo.

Gift an Ebook:





Not sure what to order? My newest book, I Scream, has just come out, not only as a paperback, but also on all these sales channels. This is the last book in the Art Spotlight Mysteries (previously listed as the Keyhole Mysteries.) You can find it, and the other two in the series, here.

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Christian Fiction from Conservative Authors

Still looking for Christmas gifts? What could be better than Christian fiction written by conservative Christian authors? This blog highlights several conservative Christian authors with books they’ve published during 2015. Consider these books great ways to meet new authors.

author rick-barry-low-resRick Barry - Lowest ResRick Barry

Though I’ve never met Rick Barry in person, we share this in common: Both of us have written extensively for Bob Jones University Press and Regular Baptist Press. This book is on my husband’s wish list for this year and the Kindle edition saves us lots of overseas postage. Why not consider this for the man in your life?

 author The Methuselah Project - Low ResThe Methuselah Project

by Rick Barry

Nazi scientists started many experiments. One never ended.

Roger Greene is a war hero. Raised in an orphanage, the only birthright he knows is the feeling that he was born to fly. Flying against the Axis Powers in World War II is everything he always dreamed–until the day he’s shot down and lands in the hands of the enemy.

When Allied bombs destroy both his prison and the mad genius experimenting on POWs, Roger survives. Within hours, his wounds miraculously heal, thanks to those experiments. The Methuselah Project is a success–but this ace is still not free. Seventy years later, Roger hasn’t aged a day, but he has nearly gone insane. This isn’t Captain America–just a lousy existence only made passable by a newfound faith. The Bible provides the only reliable anchor for Roger’s sanity and his soul. When he finally escapes, there’s no angelic promise or personal prophecy of deliverance, just confusion. It’s 2015–and the world has become an unrecognizable place.

Katherine Mueller–crack shot, genius, and real Southern Belle–offers to help him find his way home. Can he convince her of the truth of his crazy story? Can he continue to trust her when he finds out she works for the very organization he’s trying to flee?

Thrown right into pulse-pounding action from the first page, readers will find themselves transported back in time to a believable, full-colored past, and then catapulted into the present once more. The historical back-and-forth adds a constantly moving element of suspense to keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Rick Barry is the author of the novels The Methuselah Project, Gunner’s Run,   Kiriath’s Quest, and over 200 articles and fiction stories. In addition to being a writer and World War II buff, his main role is Director of Church Planting ministries at BIEM, a Christian ministry active in Eastern Europe. He holds a degree in foreign languages, speaks Russian, and every summer he assists with children’s camps in Eastern Europe. He lives near Indianapolis with his wife Pam. Visit him at, or on Twitter (@WriterRickBarry).

You can buy The Methuselah Project at Amazon or Kregel Books.

authorSusan Page Davis croppedSusan Davis

I’ve just met Susan Davis through another conservative Christian author. I just read and enjoyed The Charm Bracelet, a romance of hers that has also come out this year. The book featured here is a historical novel which might interest the sentimental female on your list.

author Outlaw Takes a BrideThe Outlaw Takes a Bride

By Susan Page Davis

Widow Sally Golding becomes a mail order bride in hopes of finding a happier marriage than her first and finally having children of her own. Johnny Paynter is accused of murdering his ranch foreman. With his pal Cam, he flees from Colorado to his brother’s ranch in Texas. On arriving, he finds that his brother, Mark, has been killed by outlaws. Cam convinces Johnny to bury his brother and lie low on the ranch. Everyone in town thinks Johnny is Mark, as they looked a lot alike and Mark was a quiet man who kept to himself. Then they learn that Mark has proposed to a mail-order bride, and Sally will arrive soon. Setting the record straight now would make Johnny look guilty of several crimes, so he keeps quiet—and winds up married to Sally. His guilt hangs over him, but he is sure God won’t talk to him now. Sally knows something is wrong, but Johnny won’t tell her what it is. When Johnny finally comes clean, Sally knows she loves him, but she isn’t sure their marriage can survive the strain—and then the outlaws return.

“Another original Western romance by Susan Page Davis. A trusting hero and a resourceful heroine find that a mail order bride–even for the wrong groom–can turn out right!” —Lyn Cote, author of the “Quaker Brides” series

Susan Page Davis is the author of more than sixty published novels and novellas.  Her historical novels have won numerous awards, including the Carol Award, the Will Rogers Medallion for Western Fiction, and the Inspirational Readers’ Choice Contest. She has also been a finalist in the More than Magic Contest and Willa Literary Awards. Susan lives in western Kentucky with her husband and two youngest children. She’s the mother of six and grandmother of ten. Visit her website at:

You can buy The Outlaw Takes a Bride at Amazon or .

DEB 2013 bDeb Brammer

You didn’t expect me to leave myself out, did you? While most authors would rather write than promote their writing, promotion is part of their job. I’ve nearly finished the sequel to this cozy mystery which is Book One in the Keyhole Mysteries.

 Broken Windows cover thumbnailBroken Windows

by Deb Brammer

Jordan Axtell, an aspiring artist searching for a new beginning, escapes to Idaho. He hopes to put failure behind him and carve a respectable career out of the rock hard art community. But a black shadow girl with a red balloon warns him that his past refuses to stay where it belongs.

Strange things disappear and peculiar crimes point to Jordan’s guilt. Meanwhile, Alison distracts him from his goals. Zophie drives him crazy with her expectations and questions. A Bible Zone boy pulls at his heartstrings, and his roommate forces him to enter a new world of wheelchairs.

Has the most annoying graffiti artist on the planet followed Jordan to Idaho? Or is a copycat intentionally committing weird misdemeanors just to ruin his reputation? Jordan must find the identity of the perpetrator or lose his integrity as an artist. His new friends try to help, but with friends like his, his enemies can go on coffee break.

You can buy Broken Windows at Amazon.

Look for the sequel in 2016!

authorblumer_adam_portraitAdam Blumer

Adam Blumer and I have been friends for several years now, though, again, I’ve never met him in person. He doesn’t have a new book from 2015, but he’s working on a new novel called Drone. His novel The Tenth Plague is currently only in Kindle version, but the paperback will be out in May or June of 2016.

(My apologies to Adam. I didn’t have this information quite right in the original version. It has now been corrected.)

What is conservative?

Defining “conservative” is a tricky business, but since this is my blog, this is what I’ve come up with: My definition of conservative would include fundamental in theology and non-Charismatic. I would also expect distinctively Christian fiction as I define it in this article.



Kindle and Nook Price Reduction of Brammer Books!

For the next couple of months I’m reducing the Kindle and Nook prices on several of my books to make them more competitive in the e-book market. This is a great time to download these books to your e-reader or device.

Broken Windows cover thumbnailBroken Windows             

Jordan Axtell, an aspiring artist searching for a new beginning, escapes to Idaho.  He hopes to put failure behind him and carve a respectable career out of the rock hard art community. But a black shadow girl with a red balloon warns him that his past refuses to stay where it belongs.

Strange things disappear and peculiar crimes point to Jordan’s guilt. Meanwhile, Alison distracts him from his goals. Zophie drives him crazy with her expectations and questions. A Bible Zone boy pulls at his heartstrings, and his roommate forces him to enter a new world of wheelchairs.

Has the most annoying graffiti artist on the planet followed Jordan to Idaho? Or is a copycat intentionally committing weird misdemeanors just to ruin his reputation? Jordan must find the identity of the perpetrator or lose his integrity as an artist. His new friends try to help, but with friends like his, his enemies can go on coffee break.

Broken Windows is the first book in the “Keyhole Mysteries” series. I’m working on the second book in this light hearted series now.

 Buy Broken Windows for Kindle at $2.99.

Buy Broken Windows for Nook at $3.00.

zEdges cover with awardEdges of Truth

Mary Weaver tries to save the life of 11-month-old Melissa Mathes, but the baby dies after being in Mary’s care. The autopsy reveals severe head injuries that were inflicted 7 to 10 days before the baby’s death, but Mary is accused of first-degree murder.

Steve Brennecke, a young lawyer and a friend of Mary’s, takes the case. He is convinced of Mary’s innocence and sets out to clear Mary’s name and keep this young mother out of prison.

Mary’s case splits the medical community. One group of doctors, eager to stamp out child abuse, insists the baby had to be shaken and slammed during the time Mary was alone with her. Another group believes scientific evidence points away from Mary. The jury doesn’t know what to think.

Dr. Ruth Ramsey calls this true story “a frightening wake-up call for anyone who is ever involved in childcare.” Edges of Truth is an account of justice gone wrong, the fight to clear an innocent woman’s name, and the community who supported her. It answers the question: “Where is God when life ceases to make sense?”

Just last week an Irish nanny made headline news in a similar case where the prosecutor dropped murder charges after a medical examiner reversed her findings. She changed the cause of death from “abusive head trauma” (shaken baby syndrome) to “undetermined cause.” Steve Brennecke continues to get calls from reporters of leading US newspapers about the role Mary Weaver’s case plays in the shaken baby syndrome controversy today.

Buy Edges of Truth for Kindle for $2.99.

Buy Edges of Truth for Nook  for $3.00.

zcoverISurvivedI Survived!

I Survived! gives a personal, inside view of these five Bible characters who survived disaster:  Jeremiah, Jonah, Joseph, Paul, and Job. It uses examples from the Mary Weaver story in every chapter.

These studies will help you think through questions like these:

  • If God is in control, why is my world a disaster?
  • If God hates unfairness, how should I respond to it?
  • If God controls everything, why doesn’t life make more sense?
  • If God wants me to succeed, why does he make life so hard?
  • If God is good, why does he allow senseless suffering?

Buy I Survived! from Kindle for $0.99.


Celebrating a Milestone

zEdges cover with awardToday I want to celebrate the first anniversary of an amazing work of God. On November 22, 2013 we launched our book Edges of Truth: The Mary Weaver Story in Marshalltown, Iowa. Technical reasons have delayed this blog by nearly a week, but we want to celebrate God’s goodness to us with several offers for our readers.

How can we see God’s goodness in the release of this book?

The initial book launch

A year ago God gave us a perfect venue in Marshalltown, Iowa at a very reasonable price, along with free radio promotion during the day. Well over one hundred people packed the auditorium, many coming four hours or more for the book launch, and most staying for the entire evening. Mary, Steve, and I were in the same room together for the first time ever. Paul Rosenberg, Mary’s appeal lawyer, was there; along with Frank Santiago, the reporter who championed her case; witnesses for her defense; one of the jurors; and Mary and Steve’s family. We not only sold a lot of books, we were able to recognize people who played a key role in Mary’s defense. Most of all, we were able to give a clear testimony about God’s goodness in Mary’s story.

Since the launch

Our book continues to sell. One of the chapters has featured in Power for Living and Horizons, two different take-home papers. Mary has been able to speak to a number of different groups, both secular and Christian, and give her testimony. The book has been accepted as a library book in the prison in Mitchellville.

5-star rating

Reader’s Favorite awarded our book a 5-star rating. We’ve added their seal to the current cover of our book. It has been entered in three other contests and is eligible for awards that will be awarded in 2015. Any awards the book earns will help us to continue to promote the book. We need God’s help and leading as we continue to sell the book, and are thankful for any of this kind of help.

New release on Nook

Just last week we released the ebook edition of Edges of Truth on Nook. I’m looking for a few Nook readers to give an honest Barnes and Nobel or Amazon review in exchange for a free Nook version of it. If you’re interested, please send your email address to:

Goodreads Giveaway

Right now we’re running a Goodreads Giveaway of Edges of Truth. You can enter here. Three blessed readers will receive the book for free.

How can you help?

We’re always looking for more reviews. Maybe you look and see twenty one Amazon reviews and feel that everything that needs to be said about the book has been said. Why would we need more reviews? When a reader posted the twenty first review, that allowed this book to be suggested to Amazon readers when they order a similar book. Amazon works through algorithms, and having more reviews helps promote the book. Even negative reviews can help at times. If a book only has 5-star reviews, it’s easy to assume that only the author’s friends have reviewed it. The best reviews tell what the reader liked or didn’t like about the book.

Mary, Steve, and I all look back and see how God has led us through this long process and how God continues to use this story and are amazed at his goodness. May you also catch a glimpse of God’s goodness in your life today.

Choosing a Book Title

Book TitlesRecently we have chosen this title for the book I am writing: Edges of Truth: the Mary Weaver Story. If you’ve ever written a book, you know that choosing a title is a big deal. The title is one of the first things a reader looks at to determine if she wants to read your book or not. A great title helps sell the book. A bad title may send the reader to look for a better one.


If you are trying to choose a title for your book you may want to read this article: . This article tells you some characteristics of good titles and how to choose them. But today I want to take you on our personal journey to finding a book title. How we did it. Perhaps you will find an idea that helps you.


First of all why are we looking for a title? Most books have one author, but this is the personal, true story of Mary Weaver. Her lawyer was Steve Brennecke. I am directing the writing process, but Steve has also written some scenes and we are all involved in the process.


Also, if you go with a traditional publisher, your editor or the marketing department may suggest a different title than the one you have chosen. It’s not always up to you. But in this case we are self-publishing so the decision is up to us. It’s nice to be in control, but that also means we don’t have the safety net of someone else helping with the process and eliminating ineffective titles. So choosing a title was up to us and it was important that, at least the three of us, all needed to be happy with the final choice.

Getting ideas


1. I thought through the plot line for our book, searching for words that stood out in the text that could be used for titles.


This Present Chapter came from a quote by Mary while she was in prison. She knew this wasn’t the end, that God was still working and prison was just “this present chapter” of her life.


2. I viewed a video clip of a national news program which featured Mary’s story to look for concepts that could be used in a title.


This led to writing this promo sentence: Better to let 99 guilty people go free than to take the liberties of one innocent person—but what happens when the system doesn’t work? Two titles worked with that promo sentence: One Innocent Person and Stolen Liberties.


3. I wrote a list of nouns, verbs, and adjectives that characterized our book. I shuffled them around in different combinations to find titles with a good ring to them.


That led to the title Uncertain Evidence.


4. Our book is a true story which is similar to legal fiction. I Googled legal phrases to find phrases we could use or alter for a play on words.


This led to Under Oath, Final Appeal, Presumption of Guilt, and Beyond Reasonable Doubt. An article that talked about a similar situation talked about medical witnesses who were “dancing on the edge of truth.” That concept comes into our final choice of titles.


5. I Googled legal fiction and true stories on Amazon or Christian Book Distributors to see what existing titles are out there. While you can’t copyright a title, we wanted to avoid prominent titles in our genre which were already used. Viewing these titles also help me think of similar ideas.


We liked Shadow of  Doubt, but Terri Blackstock already has a prominent suspense fiction book by that title. We considered using a similar titles, Shadows of Doubt, Shadow of a Doubt, or Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt, but didn’t choose any of these in the end.


6. I typed words like these into the search box of Google images: prison, freedom, innocence, guilty, legal, court, child abuse. This gave me an idea of visual images related to those words. That suggested images we could use on our cover, images that could be related to the title.


My search gave me images of abandoned teddy bears, helium balloons flying, prison bars, people in orange jumpsuits and handcuffs. Some of these images would work with some of the legal titles.


Mary and Steve used similar ways to come up with their own titles. At the end of that process we found out one very important rule.

Titles are Subjective


They didn’t like some of my favorite titles! (Why couldn’t they see what a great choice these were?) I didn’t like some of theirs. One scary thing about self-publication is knowing that you are choosing this very important title without the help of an editor or a marketing team. We knew we needed a broader perspective.


I made a list of sixteen titles we had come up with and sent them to family members of the three of us. We suggested each person mark their top six picks for titles and number them from one to six. I had hoped that this would give us some very clear guidance about the best choices. What it did show  was that people varied widely in what they thought were good titles. But it did help us eliminate the less popular ones. I narrowed this list down to the top six titles, making sure that the top choices from Mary, Steve, and I were reflected in the list. After all, we need to feel good about our book.


Then I listed those top six titles in a survey on my website blog. I asked my Facebook friends to vote on their top three, listing them in order. I asked Mary and Steve to do the same thing with their friends. I told all these people that if they took the survey they would go into the draw to win a free book of mine. I left the survey open for one week. (Thanks to all of you who participated in the survey! Your votes were key to choosing our title.)


At the end of the week two titles stood out as the most popular. Steve and Mary and I emailed back and forth, compared notes, thought, prayed, weighed the pros and cons, and finally chose Edges of Truth.


Is this the best possible title? Probably not. Maybe five years from now we’ll think of the perfect title. Even then, if I thought it was perfect, others might not agree. But we needed to make a choice now so that we could proceed with book design and promotion. We chose one we all could live with. And then we move on. “No turning back, no turning back.”