February 9, 2009 – Paralyzing Fears

This week I read some encouraging words for writers in an interview with Rick Barry (http://www.acfw.com). Rick writes for Regular Baptist Press and Bob Jones University Press like I do. He gave me permission to use his words.

More than once I have led critique groups at writers’ conferences, and without fail someone will make the comment, “I love to write, but I never submit my stories for publication.” What a pity. Imagine that Michelangelo had sculpted his masterpiece David—and then hid it in a cave where the world could never enjoy it. What if Da Vinci had painted his Mona Lisa or The Last Supper—and then hid them lest somebody snicker at him? Just before Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings appeared in print, he confided to a friend that he dreaded its publication, because he felt as though he was exposing his heart for the world to shoot at it. If you honestly believe God has called you to write, then don’t hide your literary light under a bushel basket!

Sure, every writer faces rejection. Even the best authors endure their share of rejections. But don’t let a fear of rejection paralyze you. Study the craft, then polish your craft through practice, and submit your work for publication.

(Check out Rick’s website at: http://rick-barry.com.)