Power Verb Exercise

Power Verb Exercise

by Deb Brammer

Use power verbs to make the following sentences stronger. Feel free to change the order of the sentences, but keep the general meaning.

1. He walked slowly to the principle’s office.

2. There were many people who were not happy with the decision.

3. They were happy to find their dog.

4. She went to notify the police.

5. He utilized many sources to access parts for his classic car.

6. It was quiet in the room.

7. There were many greasy marks on the shirt.

8. It was time for dinner.

9. She instructed the girls in the method of knitting.

10. The water came down the wall and caused marks on it.

Possible Answers

You could use many different ways to improve these sentences. Here are some possible solutions. I have changed other words in the sentences but notice how changing the verbs is the key to changing the sentences.

1. He shuffled to the principal’s office.

2. Many people opposed the decision.

3. They threw their arms around the dog and kissed his nose.

4. She raced to call the police.

5. He used many sources to find parts for his classic car.

6. Frightened silence hung in the air.

7. Grease streaks covered the shirt.

8. Dinnertime arrived.

9. She taught the girls to knit.

10. Water flowed down the wall, bubbling the paper and streaking the pattern.