5 Ways to Mentor

puppet teamLast time I talked about becoming a mentor. I personally mentor people in parenting, missions, and writing. If you read that, I hope you chose an area that you could be prepared to mentor someone in. Here are 5 ways you can mentor:

1. Listen.

Allow them to express their viewpoint even if you don’t agree. Welcome them to speak freely and talk things through, knowing that their perspective may change in time. Let them bounce ideas off of you. Be the safe person they can talk to about their doubts and confusion.

2. Challenge your own thinking.

You may not agree with what they say, but perhaps you can learn something from their perspective. Don’t be intimidated by ideas which counter your way of thinking. Ask God to help you learn and grow along with them.

3. Give feedback.

Help them examine their ideas by Scripture. Share examples from your own experience. Show them different perspectives on the situation.

4. Work with them.

Let them watch you in action and provide opportunities to try new jobs, experimenting with different methods.

5. Work through failure.

Encourage them to see failures as steps in learning. Let them see you make mistakes and work through them. Help them analyze what works and what doesn’t. Talk through difficult situations and discuss ideas to improve the situations. Remind them that the Christian life is about learning and growing, not perfection.



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