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 In my September Book Blast Joel Andring won a copy of my book Give It a Go. Joel said, “I rarely enter contests and it’s even rarer that I win.” Since most readers don’t bother to comment or leave a reply, your chances of winning my Book Blast giveaway are much higher that winning most other contests. I’d love to hear from you.

 To enter:

Simply leave a comment in the comment box below or send a comment to this email address: You might like to tell me about something special you are doing to celebrate Christmas this year.

This is a special Christmas for my family. My husband and I are beginning a furlough from our ministry in New Zealand by celebrating Christmas in many ways with my two daughters and their family. During the month of December we are driving back and forth between Des Moines, Iowa and Minneapolis, Minnesota so see our grandsons in special programs and participate in a live nativity with our daughter. Our whole family plans to celebrate Christmas together in a mission house in Iowa for around five days. We enjoy simple family traditions: decorating Christmas cookies, cutting out snowflakes, painting nutcracker men, and playing games together. If we get snow at the right time, we’ll do some sledding and build a snowman, something we can rarely do in our home in New Zealand. We’re so thankful for this opportunity to spend the holiday together.

Does buying gifts this Christmas season leave you worried and stressed?

Maybe you’re worried about the $$ you’re spending or finding a gift for the person who has everything?

Here’s an idea that:

  • Is inexpensive
  • Is easy to wrap
  • Doesn’t cost for shipping
  • Is available immediately
  • Doesn’t clutter your home
  • Fits inside a Christmas stocking
  • Provides hours of pleasure
  • Moves the heart in a way that honors God

What gift could fit all these descriptions? If you guessed “a Christian ebook” you’re absolutely right. My husband and I love to give ebooks for all these reasons. It’s also a great way to support authors.

Don’t know how to do it? It’s easy. To buy a Kindle book to gift to others, this is all you do:

  • Sign in to your Amazon account
  • Bring the book you want to gift up on your screen
  • Click “buy for others” on the far right of your screen
  • Fill in the information
  • Click “buy now” and you’re done!

Want something to wrap up or slip into a stocking? Here’s a copy of a stocking stuffer printout I use for my book Short Poppies. You can print out this image on letter size paper if you want to gift this book, but you can also change this image by cropping out the cover of Short Poppies and replacing it with another book. Or make your own image that fits on the top of a letter size paper. (Trim the extra paper off after printing.) Copying the cover of a book to use in this way doesn’t violate copyright laws. Just click on the image, right click, and copy image.

Here’s more about author of the book for the free drawing this time:

For many years Donna Poole and I both wrote many articles and stories for Regular Baptist Press which publishes quality Christian curriculum for Sunday School and VBS. This gives me a feeling of kinship with her, even though I only met her in person only once, years ago, in a restroom. Here’s a description of her book.

 If the Creek Don’t Rise by Donna Poole

Welcome to Corners Church, a white frame building on the corner of two dirt roads. A new set of characters joins familiar, beloved ones, but the church is the same loving, comforting place as always, or is it? Pastor J.D. finds more conflict than comfort at Corners Church. He’d hoped to find peace here, but his past with its painful secrets follows him. Not only that, but he has to deal with Cyrus who seems intent on forcing him to leave. J.D. must also untangle his complicated feelings toward Trish Hart. Trish has secrets of her own. She’s a mystery even to those who know her best. J.D. and Trish desperately need peace that eludes them. Others, especially their friends Tim and Edna, try to help them, but it isn’t enough. They need God. God shows His face in many ways in this book: in Tim’s booming laughter, in Edna’s endless supply of spaghetti, in a church that never tires of giving, and in little Charlie Boy’s toothless grin.


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  1. We will be honoring my husband’s heritage, our love of homecooked food and feeding others by making a large batch of tamales with our youngest daughter. My husband and I have made tamales on our own the last few Christmas seasons perfecting his aunt’s recipe and developing our own process. We are looking forward to sharing with more family members this year. Our youngest son and his wife will be arriving after a 12 hour drive in time to taste test our efforts! Sharing of ourselves is always the better gifts given or received.

    • Sounds like a great family tradition. If you were making chile rellenos, I might even show up at your door! I’m sure the tamales are great too. Isn’t it great how the holidays enable us to not only celebrate Christ’s birth, his coming to earth as our Savior. But also to celebrate who we are in Christ and the unique experiences and background that make us who we are? Yes, it’s a great time to share ourselves.

  2. Welcome home!! I hope and pray that getting together with your children and grandchildren will be a very blessed time for all of you!
    Merry Christmas!

    • It already is! We’ve found that being here for the whole month of December and having repeated contact with our family somehow deepens the relationship more than just one visit. I trust you will have a special Christmas as well.

  3. Deb,

    Thanks so much for featuring my book in your “Book Blast.” I hope the winner enjoys reading it!

    Enjoy your family and friends this Christmas, a rare treat for you!

    God bless,

    Donna Poole

  4. I’m so glad you are in the states! Right in Des Moines where I grew up. If you don’t have snow, I’ll be surprised. Enjoy your time with your family.

    • We’ve got snow around us on the ground, but we haven’t seen snow falling. We got a bit of freezing rain, but that didn’t last. Now we’re contemplating whether or not to drive to Minneapolis tomorrow as they’re expecting 1-3 inches. We’ve enjoyed being in Des Moines, mainly Norwalk where Lori lives.

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