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Have you ever considered the role color plays in your life?

Imagine if God had created the whole world black and white. Or made us colorblind so we couldn’t enjoy colors.

I’ve have recently gained a new appreciation for color. When this book promo started last March, I was in America on a short furlough. In May 2023 we returned to New Zealand for six months. There we mentored a local pastor and wife, graduated our church from mission status to self-support, and returned to the US. God answered so many prayers during that time. On January 29, 2024 we moved into our new house in Iowa.

From the beginning, this house made a big impression on me. The basic house seemed ideal for us, but the former owners had painted the whole house in dark colors, some of which I considered the ugliest ever. The floors were dark brown. All the cabinets in the house were dark brown. In addition, much of the house has inadequate lighting.

“Love the house. Hate the colors,” I said. Over and over again. During our first visit I said these words. When we returned the same day to have another look, I repeated them. When we decided, that first day, that we would buy the house because it was such a great deal, I said them again. We could repaint the walls easily enough. I could learn to live with the kitchen if I added some colorful accents.

About the third day in our house, while I was cooking supper, I experienced a feeling I’ve never felt before. I stood hovered over the big, black top of the gas stove, surrounded by the dark cabinets and floors, over-looking the dark gray and hideous green living area and felt almost physically sick.

“I can’t do this,” I said.

How could I be so fussy over such a minor thing as house color? I don’t consider myself hard to please. But honestly, changing wall color wasn’t going to be enough. This kitchen would change me into a person I don’t want to be.

I explained my problem to my husband during supper, and we’ve been working out a plan ever since to change our current cupboards to lighter ones. I suppose it’s like SAD, seasonal affective disorder, which causes people to be depressed during short winter days or long periods of cloudy days.

Since we moved in just over a week ago, we’ve spent much time studying paint swatches, painting large piece of cardboard with various shades of pretty greens, and analyzing the differences various shades of green make inside our house.

Do you, like me, have certain colors that conjure up a very strong negative response? What colors do this to you? Take time to look around you today and appreciate all the colors God has placed in your life.

Juliette Duncan

I feel a kinship to Juliette Duncan, who lives in Brisbane, Australia, because I have lived in New Zealand for almost 26 years. Like many cousins, Kiwis (New Zealanders) and Aussies share many commonalities, even though they engage in a fair amount of friendly rivalry.

A few years ago, I read Juliette’s book Secrets and Sacrifice. Though most of her books are set in Australia, this book was set in Scotland. Since we lived in the southern part of New Zealand, which was first settled by Scottish Presbyterians, the culture and setting felt like a familiar friend to me. I especially enjoyed this book because it is distinctively Christian.  It presents the Gospel clearly, and shows the advantages of being part of a warm Christian community, two qualities that endear me to any Christian writer.

Juliette Duncan is a USA Today bestselling author of 60+ Christian romance stories that ‘touch the heart and soul.’ She writes Christian fiction that encourages a deeper faith in a world that seems to have lost its way. Most of her stories include an element of romance, but the main love story in each of her books is always God’s amazing, unconditional love for His wayward children. Juliette and her husband enjoy spending time with their five adult children, and eleven grandchildren. When not writing, Juliette and her husband love exploring the wonderful world they live in.

Juliette is giving away two books in exchange for subscribing to her newsletter.


No Going Back

Radical, honest and real, this Christian romantic suspense is one woman’s journey to freedom you won’t put down and is Juliette’s personal story.

“A wonderful, inspirational book that shows God’s love and grace, even after we make bad decisions. A great story showing God has a plan for your life.”

Hank and Sarah

After her husband’s death, Sarah never thought she’d find love again. But when she meets Dr. Hank Wilson, she falls hard. Can she let go of her past and trust in God to protect her and her daughter from danger?

A heartwarming love story to ‘touch your heart and soul.’

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