Broken Windows and Difficult Ministries

Have you ever wondered why some ministries seem to have more fruit than others? Difficult ministries raise questions that can be embarrassing to ask? I’ll be discussing this in the next Deb’s Book Blast that comes out Thursday, May 12.

Broken Windows begins with a prologue in which teenager Jordan Axtell overhears a pastor talking to his missionary parents. The pastor decides that the few results the Axtells have produced in Taiwan are not worth his church’s continued support.

zcover Broken Windows

Q1:  Deb, have you experienced similar setbacks in your own ministry?

Q2: Why do some mission fields seem to produce few visible results no matter how hard the missionaries work?

Q3: Have you experienced a similar encounter as the one in the prologue, in which a church drops your support due to lack of results?

Q4: How can we help missionaries who are working hard, following God’s leading, but experiencing few visible results?

Q5: Does Jordan ever come to terms with the apparent ineffectiveness of his parents’ ministry?

You can find the answers to these questions in the next edition of Deb’s Book Blast. Sign up today!



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