Could Be Worse

Could Be Worse

(Christmas—Be thankful.)

by Deb Brammer


[Uses three girl puppets: Daisy, Rose, Holly. Daisy wears a daisy in her hair, Rose wears a rose. Holly wears a sprig of holly. Uses two boy puppets: Max and Russell. Max wears a #1 button on his shirt or hat. Russell wears red.]


[Rose, Holly, Max, and Russell enter. They string a garland along the edge of the puppet stage. Daisy enters.]


Daisy (excited): Did you hear the news? The McKenzies are going to have a baby!


Holly: I wonder what they’ll name it. Michael or Megan would go with McKenzie.


Russell: Michael McKenzie. Hmmm. Sounds OK. But then people might call him M & M. I don’t think he’d want to be named after chocolate.


Rose: It could be worse. I’ve heard of twins named “Fish and Chips.”


Max: Could be even worse than that. Ferdinand and Liza had a baby and named it Ferdiliza (said like fertilizer.) (laughs)


Daisy: Is that true or did you make that up?


Max: I didn’t make it up, but maybe it’s just a joke.


Daisy: Granddad Taylor’s name is Frank Andrew.


Russell: Frank Andrew doesn’t sound so bad—for a Granddad.


Daisy: But his initials are F-A-T. Fat.


Holly: If the McKenzies had four boys they could name them Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.


Russell: I heard about a man who named his kids Eenie, Meenie, Miney, and Arnold.


Rose: Eenie, Meenie, Miney, and Arnold? Why would he name the last one Arnold?


Russell: He said, “I sure don’t want no mo’.” (laughs)


Rose: That’s just silly. I’m glad I have a sensible name. “Rose” reminds me of a beautiful flower that everyone loves.


Daisy: Mom loves flowers so she named us girls Rose, Daisy, and Holly. I like my name, but sometimes I feel like I’m growing up in a flower garden.


Russell: Holly isn’t a flower.


Holly: But it’s a plant. Mom named me Holly because I was born on Christmas Day. It could be worse. She could have named me Ivy.


Max: Ivy isn’t such a bad name.


Holly: It is if people call you Poison Ivy.


Russell: I guess you’re right. My mom named me Russell which means “the color red.” I had red hair when I was born, but when I got older it turned dark.


Max: I love my name. Max means “greatest.” So I’m number one.


Daisy (sarcastically): Amazing! Max, how can you be the greatest and be so humble at the same time?


Max (bragging): It’s not easy, but I try.


Rose: Yesterday I read the Christmas story from Luke 2. When Jesus was born, Mary and Joseph didn’t have to figure out what to name Him. An angel appeared to Joseph in a dream and told him to name the baby Jesus.


Max: So? Everyone knows that.


Rose: Yeah, but I just realized how important that was. Imagine naming the Son of God!


Daisy: Yeah. Jesus is a good name. It means “Savior.” What if Mary and Joseph had liked the name Ichabod instead?


Holly: You’re right. Names are important. Remember what they called people who followed Jesus in the early church?


Russell: They called them Christians. We still call people Christians today.


Holly: Yeah, but the first people who called Christians Christians weren’t Christians. They called the Christians Christians as an insult.


Rose: My teacher said Christian means “little Christs.” That’s a really nice insult. I wish someone would think I was so good and kind and helpful that they called me Little Jesus.


Holly: Wouldn’t it be cool if the McKenzie baby was born on Christmas Day like I was? Then they could name it a Christmas name like Angela or Gabriel or Noel.


Max: If it’s a boy they could name him Jesus. That’s a great Christmas name.


Rose: It’s a great name, but kind of hard to live up to. It’s hard enough to live up to the name Christian.


Daisy: I guess you’re right.  But I imagine we should try to live like Him. In fact, living in a way that pleases Jesus would be a good present to give Jesus at Christmastime.


Holly: Yeah. Sometimes I feel left out when people forget my birthday because it’s on Christmas Day. Imagine how Jesus feels when people forget about Him on His birthday because they’re so busy celebrating Christmas—which is His birthday!


Rose: Nothing is worse than forgetting about Jesus—anytime.


All: Happy birthday, Jesus!


[All exit.]