New Words for Traditional Christmas Carols

I love singing traditional Christmas carols, but sometimes the words aren’t quite what you need. Sometimes the words need updating and sometimes you’d like to tweak the message a little.

“Joy to the World,” for example, is well known and sounds Christmas-y. The author, however, clearly meant the words to be about Jesus’ second coming to reign on earth in the millennium.  For years I’ve wanted to write words that really went with the Christmas story. This year I finally got it done.

“Good Christian Men Rejoice,” is a good example of words needing update. When it was written, “Ox and ass before him bow,” was entirely appropriate. But today, calling a donkey an “ass” brings confusion and embarrassment.

I’m posting the words here in case others want to update the words as well.

Hope you have a Christ-filled Christmas


Joy to the World 

words adapted by Deb Brammer


Joy to the world the angels sing of Mary’s Baby Boy.

“All glory be to God on high,” rings out across the glowing sky.

“And on the earth be peace, goodwill to men increase.”

Now let us repeat__ their news of joy.


Joy to the world, our God steps down to live as man on earth.

He sets aside His majesty and puts on true humanity,

To fulfill His Father’s plan, bring salvation down to man,

To redeem us our Savior came in lowly birth.


In the beginning was the Word, Creator, God the Son.

In flesh He dwelt among_ us to die that He might save_ us.

Into darkness came the Light. To a blind world He brought sight,

to_ offer salvation free to everyone.


Glad Christians Now Rejoice

words adapted by Deb Brammer


Glad Christians now rejoice with heart and soul and voice.

Listen to the angels say, “News! News! Jesus Christ is born today!

Leave your flocks and go instead to find Him in a manger bed.

Christ is born today! Christ is born today!”


Glad Christians now rejoice with heart and soul and voice.

Now we need not fear the grave. Joy! Joy! Jesus Christ is born to save.

Born to die that we might live. He came eternal life to give.

Christ was born to save. Christ was born to save.