E-book/Print Book Survey

Doing this 30-second survey would help me greatly. This will not increase e-mail in your box or obligate you in any way.

6102164_sPlease leave your answers in the comment box. Example: 1.c (Nook) 2. n/a 3. E-book 4 E-book.

1. Do you have an e-reader? If so, what kind?

a. I don’t have an e-reader

b. I have a Kindle.

c. I have a different kind. (Please list the brand.)


2. If you don’t have an e-reader and you wanted to read an e-book, would you read it on a computer?


3. Do you prefer to buy print books or e-books?


4. If you were interested in a devotional/Bible study book and had the choice between a print book at $6.50 and an e-book at $5, which would you buy?


Other comments?

Thank you so much for your help!

20 thoughts on “E-book/Print Book Survey

  1. 1.b
    2. n/a
    3. I prefer to read print books, but can´t get any where I live, so e-books are it for me.
    4. Same answer as above.

  2. 1. a)no e-reader–but do have capability to read e books on my phone
    2.possibly computer–but more likely phone
    3. ebook-although it has been a slow transition…and I own very few.
    4. an ebook for $5.

  3. 1. b
    3.Print books
    4.Print. I like to write in and highlight devotional Bibles, and it’s just not the same noting things on an ereader

    I really like checking out books from the public library to my kindle. I can get them immediately and have access to so many.

  4. 1. I have a Samsung 7″ Galaxy Tablet that I use as a reader
    2. Yes, I have and would use my laptop computer
    3. I still love to hold a book but am doing more e-books to reduce my accumulation of books that must be stored and moved.
    4. The ebook for $5

  5. 1. 3 (iPad, which has both Kindle and iBooks on it)
    2. No
    3. Both
    4. ebook

    I love printed books and love holding them in my hand, but for convenience, portability, and the ability to search, annotate and highlight, I really use ebooks. I especially use them for any books I tend to “work” with, instead of just reading for pleasure.

  6. 1. C (Nook)
    2. N/A
    3. No preference, probably whichever is cheaper
    4. Print book if group study, e-book if personal study

  7. 1. a
    2. yes
    3. depends on price, length, purpose
    4. Not sure. Print book also costs shipping.
    Still getting used to ebooks, but hoping to move that way more and more

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