– English as a second Language

Free ESL Lessons 

Terms of Use: You may copy and change these lessons to fit your personal use. Please include “debbrammer.com” on every copy. If you refer to these programs online , I would appreciate it if you would include a link to my website. Please ask permission to print entire lessons on your website or blog. If you download and use these lessons and feel that they have been a considerable help to you, please consider buying one of my books to say thank you.

To The Teacher

– Old Testament Lessons 1-23

  1. Creation
  2. The Fall
  3. The Flood
  4. Abraham Part 1
  5. Abraham Part 2
  6. Jacob
  7. Rachel
  8. Joseph Part 1
  9. Joseph Part 2
  10. Joseph Part 3
  11. Joseph Part 4
  12. Moses Part 1
  13. Moses Part 2
  14. Moses Part 3
  15. Joshua
  16. Gideon
  17. Saul
  18. David
  19. Solomon
  20. Elijah
  21. Daniel Part 1
  22. Daniel Part 2
  23. Rebuilding Jerusalem

Life of Christ Lessons 1-17

  1. Birth Announcement
  2. Birth
  3. Growing Up
  4. Catching Fish
  5. Master of the Sea
  6. Feeds 5000
  7. Wasteful Son
  8. Rich Fool
  9. Good and Bad Man
  10. Heals Blind Man
  11. Raises Dead Man
  12. Last Supper
  13. Arrested
  14. On Trial
  15. Crucified
  16. Alive Again
  17. Back to Heaven

Plan of Salvation

Advanced Lesson on Creation

Vocabulary List for Old Testament Lessons

Vocabulary List for Life of Christ Lessons

Chinese Vocabulary Lists

Note: Previously the New Testament Life of Christ lessons were for sale by Regular Baptist Press and available to missionaries through Gospel Literature Services. These books are now out of print and this website is the only source for them.

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21 thoughts on “– English as a second Language

  1. Hello, Deb, from Kazakhstan. I appreciate the lessons which you have made available for free. As a full-time international teacher, these lessons are great for me to use for my ministry ESl class. They are concise and yet, detailed enough for a one hour and fifteen minute lesson, which is the length of the class. These allow me to do my full-time work effectively and still have time to do ministry in this way. May the Lord continue to bless as others use lessons in field that are white unto harvest. Peace, Gale

    • I have the Life of Christ book shown above the Old Testament Stories. That is usually the best place to start. Click on the rbp link to order from Regular Baptist Press. The Life of Christ book and the Old Testament stories listed here are all the ESL lessons I have.

  2. Hola, I´m a ESL teacher in companies in valencia Venezuela. I would love to use these lessons in my classes and in my blog..in order to share The Gospel with them and for the people who check my blog. Do you give me permition to use it?
    Dios te bendiga

    • Thanks for writing. If you want to use the Life of Christ stories you will need to order one for each student from the States. Regular Baptist Press now offers them at the greatly reduced price of US$1 each. The Old Testament stories are free for anyone to use. When you print them, please put “by Deb Brammer” on every lesson. If you want to mention them in your blog you can give a link on your blog to my website. I would rather you link to my website than having the lessons in their entirety on your blog. Thanks for asking this question. I probably need to spell this out more clearly on my website.

  3. Hi Deb,
    Your resources look great and it’s highly appreciated that you have made them available for low or no cost. I am currently teaching English to a high school student, recently arrived in Australia from China and would love to include some foundational Christian concepts in teaching him. I just tried to order a copy of the “Life of Christ” book but it is $27 in postage to Australia. Is there any way I can order an email version? I am happy to pay for it but the postage cost is very high. Thanks, Cath

    • I did some checking of US Postal Rates online. From US to Australia, 3 ounces, I can’t get it to show anything cheaper than $38. Wow! We used to get book rates, but now the US postal rates are killing the sale of US books overseas. I’d love to offer it on my website like my Old Testament Stories, but I would need permission as Regular Baptist Press/Gospel Literature Services invested a lot of money into the printing of it. I’m going to check into some options with them. Can you check back again later? Thanks.

    • I just found out that RBP now has a distributor in Australia. I am waiting for contact details for that. That should take care of your postage issues I think. Thank you for raising these issues. I found out that I needed a new link for RBP, that they have an Australian distributor, and that my book is hard to find on their website–all things I needed to know.

  4. Can the book be ordered through Better World Books? They have free shipping worldwide. This might help with the outrageous shipping prices worldwide!

    • I only find one used copy there. RBP now sells them for US$1 a book. For most people who use them for a class it would probably be best to order a quantity. Thanks for the suggestion, however. I’m always looking for ways to beat the high cost of postage.

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  6. Your book is Very hard to find and order from the Canadian site. Is it possible to get it here in Calgary? It looks great!

  7. Hi Deb
    It is so easy and wonderful lesson plans that you have prepared. I am in south africa and have been invited to teach the bible in India and Mynmar.I am praying that i will get to do this fulltime real soon.May God use this lessons to bring many to Jesus.I am so excited that God has used your gifts.Be blessed.Are there any publishers in South Africa that have Life of Christ book?

    • Sorry, Cecil, the Life of Christ book is only available through Regular Baptist Press in the States. Of course the Old Testament Stories can be downloaded directly from the website.

  8. Thank you so much for these lessons. They look great and I’m sure my students will really appreciate them. May God bless you and all the students touched by these lessons.

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