ESL Lesson – Where Did Our Universe Come From?

Note to teacher:  This is an extra lesson on creation. It is more difficult than the other lessons, but can be helpful for the advanced student. I’ve underlined the vocabulary words in this lesson that are used in other lessons.  Those vocabulary words used only in this lesson are *’d and listed in vocabulary list. 


Where Did Our Universe Come From?

Genesis 1:1


Where did our world come from?  Scientists* have tried to answer that question for hundreds of years. 


Scientists have come up with many theories* about how the world began.  One popular* theory is the Big Bang Theory*.  It says:  A very small, very dense* thing out in space* exploded*.  After a very long time, it changed into the world and universe* that we know today.  


Thousands of scientists believe another theory.  It is called the Creation* Theory.  The Creation Theory says:  God created the world and the universe out of nothing.  Each thing was created in a special way for a special purpose*. 


Our universe is bigger than we can imagine*.  But it is also very complex*.  Each star, planet*, and moon moves in a precise* way.  The universe moves in a more precise way than the best watches that people make.


How did this big universe begin to exist*?  How did it start moving in such a precise pattern*?  Many scientists say our universe began to exist by chance*.


Suppose* your friend has a wristwatch that shows the hours, minutes, and seconds.  It gives the date.  It has a timer. 


You ask him, “Where did you get that watch?”


He tells you, “This is a very interesting watch.  I saw it being made.  One day I saw some pieces of metal* laying by the side of the road.  Suddenly everything exploded.  After the explosion* those metal pieces came together in such a way as to make this wristwatch that I’m wearing.”


What would you think if your friend told you a story like that?  Would you believe him?  No.  Yet it is easier to believe that an explosion could make a wristwatch than to believe that an explosion could make our complex universe.




Big Bang Theory



scientist (n)

complex (adj)

theory (n)

planet (n)

popular (adj)

precise (adj)

dense (adj)

exist (v)

space (n)

pattern (n)

explode (v)

by chance

universe (n)

suppose (v)

creation (n)

metal (n)

purpose (n)

explosion (n)

imagine (v)




1.  What does the Big Bang Theory say?

2.  What does the Creation Theory say?

3.  Do you think a wristwatch could be made by an explosion?

4.  Is it easy to believe the universe was made by an explosion?


Evolution* says:  A small piece of material changed into the complex world we know today.  The Bible says:  God made the world out of nothing.  Evolution and the Bible do not agree with each other.  Does this mean that the Bible is not scientific*?  Let’s look at three laws of science* and see if the Bible really disagrees* with science.


1.  One law of science says:  Nothing is now being created or destroyed.  A thing may change from one thing into something else.  But everything is made out of something.  In nature today something cannot be made from nothing.


Evolution says everything in our world today came from an explosion of some dense material.  But it cannot tell us where that material came from.


The Bible says God created our world out of nothing.  Nature cannot create something out of nothing, but God is greater than nature.  He created nature. 


2.  Another law of science says that everything left to itself* wears out and gets worse*.  That is why a new car is better than an old one.  Unless a person does something to fix it up, a car will get worn out and look and run worse every year.

Evolutionists* say an explosion of material got better and better until it became the complex universe we have today.  But this law of science says that things don’t happen that way.


The Bible says that God created this complex universe so that everything worked perfectly.  In lesson three we will find out what makes things wear out and get worse.

3.  The Law of Cause* and Effect* says that no effect is greater than its cause.  Everything that happens must have something greater than itself to cause it to happen.


Something or someone greater than this universe had to cause this universe to exist.  Evolution cannot tell us what great cause could make our universe.  The Bible says God has power* enough to do anything he wants to.  God caused this universe to begin to exist when he created it out of nothing.



evolution (n)

worse (adj)

scientific (adj)

evolutionist (n)

laws of science

cause (n)

disagree (v)

effect (n)

left to itself

power (n)



 5.  What does evolution say?

 6.  What does the Bible say?

 7.  In nature, can anything be made out of nothing?

 8.  Who created nature?

 9.  Will something left to itself get better?

10.  What does the Law of Cause and Effect say?

11.  How long does it take light to travel from one end of our galaxy to the other?

12.  Can evolution tell us what great cause made our universe?


To Think About

When you think about how big and complex our universe is, does it make you feel small and unimportant?  David was one of the men whom God used to write the Bible.  He used to look up at the stars.  They made him see how great God is.  One night he said to God, “When I think about the moon and the stars and the things You have made, I wonder why you care about people.”


The Bible says God does care for us.  He made the beautiful world for us to live in.  He made plants to grow and animals for us to eat.  He created our complex universe so that we could see a little bit of his greatness.  He also sent his only son, Jesus, to die for us so that we could have our sins forgiven.  Isn’t it wonderful that a God great enough to create our universe loves us?