OT Lessons Vocabulary List

To the teacher: This is a vocabulary list for all the of

Old Testament Stories. I’ve put the entire list

in one very long column. That way you

can reformat it any way you want.


You can use this list to translate the words

into the language of your students.

If you provide a translation for this list in

another language and are willing to

share your work, please contact me so that

I may provide the translation,

or where to get it, on my website.                


Vocabulary List

ability (n)    

abundant (adj) 

accuse (v)     

admit (v)      

adopt (v)      

advantage (n)  

adviser (n)    

against (prep) 

agree (v)      

agreement (n)  

allow (v)      

almost (adv)   

aloud (adv)    

altar (n)      

ancestor (n)   

anger (n)      

appear (v)     

appearance (n) 

approve (v)    

armor (n)      

army (n)       

ashamed (adj)  

astrology (n)  

attack (v)     

attitude (n)   

attracted to   

authority (n)  

baker (n)      

baptize (v)    

basket (n)     

battle (n)     

beak (n)       

bean soup      

bear (n)       

beat (v)       

believe (v)    

belongings (n) 

belongs to     

Big Bang Theory

birthright (n) 

bitter (adj)   

bless (v)      

blessing (n)   

blind (adj)    

blood (n)      

blow (v)       

boat (n)       

born (v)       

bother (n)  

bow (v)        

bow down       

brag (v)       

brave (adj)    

breathe (v)    

bribe (v)      

brick (n)      

bride (n)      

build (v)      

bull (n)       

bundle (n)     

burn (v)       

burn up        

bush (v)       

by chance      

by force       

camel (n)      

camp (v)       

captain (n)    

carelessly (adv)

carry out      

catch (v)      

cause (n)      

cave (v)       

celebrate (v)  

chain (n)      

challenge (n)  

change his mind

change sides   

character (n)  

charge (v)     

chariot (n)    

cheat (v)      

chief (adj)    

chosen (v)      

Christian (n)  

civil war      

clay (n)       

cluster (n)    

coat (n)       

coat (v)       

collapse (v)   

come (go) to bed with       

come short     

come true      

command (n)    

command (v)    

commandment (n) commit adultery

common (adj)   

companion (n)  

compare (v)    

complain (v)   

complex (adj)  

condition (n)  

confuse (v)    

conquer (v)    

contain (v)    

contest (n)    

continue (v)   

contract (n)   

control (v)    

copy (v and n) 

country (n)    

couple (n)     

cover (v)      

covering (n)   

covet (v)      

cow (n)        

crawl (v)      

crazy (adj)    

create (v)     

creation (n)   

creative alternative        

crop (n)       

cross (n)      

cruelly (adv)  

cupbearer (n)  

curse (n)      

custom (n)     

cycle (n)      

dance (v)      

darkness (n)   

daughter (n)   

dawn (n)       

day after day  

deal (n)       

death (n)      

decay (v)      

deceive (v)    

decide (v)     

decision (n)   

dedication (n) 

deep respect   

deep sleep     

defy (v)       

democracy (n)  

demon (n)      

den (n)        

dense (adj)    

depend on      


desert (n)     

deserve (v)    

desire (n)     

destroy (v)    

dew (n)        

dig (v)        

disagree (v)   

disappointed (adj)          

disease (n)    

dishonesty (n) 

disobedience (n)

disobey (v)    

distance (n)   

ditch (n)      

divide (v)     

divorce (v,n)  

donkey (n)     

dream (v)      

drive (v)      

drown (v)      

dry up          

earn (v)       

effect (n)     

Egyptian (n)   

elephant (n)   

enemy (n)      

escape (v)     

evil (n)       

evolution (n)  

evolutionist (n)

exactly (adv)  

example (n)    

except (prep)  

excuse (n)     

exist (v)      

explain (v)     

explode (v)    

explore (v)    

explosion (n)  

fair (adj)     

faithful (adj) 

famine (n)     

fat (adj)      

favorite (adj) 

feast (n)      

feel sorry for 

fertile (adj)  

field (n)      

fight (v)      

figure out     

find out        

firmly (adv)   

firstborn (n)  

float (v)      

flock (n)      

flood (n)      

fly (v)        

fly (n)        

for the sake of

forbidden (adj)

force (v)      

forehead (n)   

foreign (adj)  

forever (adv)  

forget (v)     

forgive (v)    

forgiveness (n)

form (v)       

fossil (n)     

frightening (adj)           

frog (n)       

full (adj)     

gain (v)       

gate (n)       

gather (v)     

gave birth to  

get ahead      

get hurt       

get rid of     

gift (n)       

give up        

glory (n)      

gnat (n)       

go first       

goat (n)       

gold (n)       

government (adj)

grab (v)       

grain (n)      

greater (adj)  

greedy (adj)   

guarantee (v)  

guard (n)      

hail (n)       

hailstorm (n)  

hairy (adj)    

half (n)       

handsome (adj) 

harm (v)       

harvest (n)    

hate (v)       

helmet (n)     

hero (n)       

hide (v)       

hire (v)       

homeland (n)   

honest (adj)   

honor (n)      

honor (v)      

hug (v)        

huge (adj)     

hunt (v)       

hunter (n)     

hurry (v)      

hurt (v)       

idol (n)       

image (n)      

imagine (v)    

immediately (adv)           

impossible (adj)

in charge of   

in their place 

incredible (adj)

insist (v)     

instead (adv)  

instruction (n)

insult (v)     

intelligence (n)

interpret (v)  

it gets light  

ivory (n)    

jar (n)        

jealous (adj)  

Jew (n)        

joy (n)        

judge (n)      

keep promises  

keep records   

kill (v)       

kind (adj)      

kiss (v)       

knelt (v)      

knowledge (n)  

lamb (n)       

land (v)       

last (v)       

late afternoon 

laws of science

lazy (adj)     

leader (n)     

leaf (n)       

leave (v)      

left to itself 

let him off easy

liar (n)        

lift (v)       

lion (n)       

livestock (n)  

locust (n)     

lose (v)       

majority (n)   

make fun of    

make your name great        

manna (n)      

march (v)      

marry (v)      

master (n)     

material (n)   

medicine (n)   

member (n)     

message (n)    

messenger (n)  

metal (n)      

method (n)     

microscope (n) 

midnight (n)    miracle (n)    

miserable (adj)

mist (n)       

moral (adj)    

mountain (n)   

mourn (v)      

multiply (v)   

murder (v)     

naked (adj)    

nation (n)     

naturally (adv)

nature (n)     

news (n)       

noise (n)      

nostril (n)    

nurse (v)      

obedience (n)  

offend (v)     

offer (v)      

official (n)   

offspring (n)  

painful (adj)  

palace (n)     

pass over      

path (n)       

pattern (n)    

perfect health 

perfectly (adv)

period of time 

permission (n) 

philosophy (n) 

pile up        

plague (n)     

plan (n)       

plan (v)       

planet (n)     

please (v)     

plenty (n)     

poison (v)     

pole (n)       

politics (n)   

popular (adj)  

position (n)   

pour (v)

reap (v)       

reject (v)     

relationship (n)

relative (n)   

religion (n)   

remember (v)   

remind (v)     

remove (v)     

reproduce (v)  

rescue (v)     

respect (v)    

responsibility (n)          

rib (n)        

riches (n)     

right (n)      

right away     

rule (v)       


run away

sling (v)      

slip (v)       

soldier (n)    

sore (n)       

sorrow (n)     

Sabbath (n)    

sacrifice (n)  

sacrifice (v)  

safety (n)     

save (v)       

scatter (v)    

scientific (adj)

scientist (n)  

scold (v)      

season (n)     

second (adj)   


separate (v)   

serpent (n)    

servant (n)    

shame (n)      

share (n)      

shave (v)      

sheep (n)      

shelter (n)    

shepherd (n)   

shout (v)      

side (n)       

sign (v)       

signal (n)     

signet (adj)   

silver (n)     

sin (n)        

sin (v)        

skin (n)       

skinny (adj)   

slave (n)      

slave driver (n)

sling (n)

sorrowful (adj)

sorry (adj)    

sow (v)        

space (n)      

spear (n)      

species (n)    

spirit (n)     

spirit (n)     

spoil (v)      

spread (v)     

spy (n)        

stalks of grain

store (v)      

storehouse (n) 

story (n)      

straight (adv) 

straw (n)      

strength (n)   

strong (adj)   

successful (adj)

suggest (v)    

supply (v)     

suppose (v)    

swarm (n)      

sword (n)      

symbol (n)     

tar (n)         

tax (n)        

tear down      

teenager (n)   

temperature (n)

temple (n)     

ten times      

tent (n)       

tenth (1/10)   

terrible (adj)

theory (n)     

third (adj)    

thresh (v)     

tie (v)        

ton (n)        

torch (n)       

touch (v)      

train (v)      

trap (v)       

travel (v)     

treat (v)      

trick (v)      

troubled (adj) 

true (adj)     

trumpet (n)    

trust (v)      

truth (n)      

turn against   

turn away from 

turn into      

twice (adv)     

twin (n)       

ugly (adj)     

unfair (adj)   

universe (n)   

unless (conj)  

unprotected (adj)           

valuable (adj) 

vegetable (n)  

veil (n)       

violent (adj)  

voice (n)      

wages (n)      

walking stick  

warden (n)     

warn (v)       

way (n)        

weak (adj)     

wealthy (adj)  

wear out       

weed (n)       

weep (v)       

well (n)       

wild animal    

wilderness (n) 

willing (adj)  

win (v)        

wind (n)       

wine (n)       

wisdom (n)     

wise (adj)     

wishes (n)     

womb (n)       

wonder (v)     

woods (n)      

work hard      

work out       

worry (v)      

worse (adj)    

worship (n)    

worst (adj)    

wrong (adj)    

yell (v)

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