NT Lesson 13 – Arrested



Matthew 26:47-75; Mark 14:43-72; Luke 22:47-62; John 18:2-27


After Jesus and his disciples ate their last meal together they went to a garden to pray. Jesus knew that he would soon die. He wanted to talk to God the Father and ask for help during this difficult time. Jesus asked his disciples to pray for him. Then he went a little farther and prayed to the Father. Jesus prayed for a long time, but his disciples fell asleep.

Jesus often came to this garden to pray. Judas knew Jesus would be here. Judas led some soldiers and religious leaders to the garden. Judas said, “When we come to Jesus, I will kiss him. Then you will know who he is. When I kiss him, arrest him.”

Jesus saw Judas coming. He knew what Judas would do. Judas came to Jesus and kissed him.

The soldiers grabbed Jesus and arrested him. Peter took out his sword and cut off the ear of one of the men. But Jesus told Peter, “Put your sword away. I must do what I came to earth to do.”

Then the soldiers took Jesus away. All of the disciples left Jesus and ran away.

The soldiers took Jesus to the two highest religious rulers. Men lied about Jesus.  They said false things about him. Jesus didn’t defend himself.

Then the ruler asked Jesus, “Are you the Savior that Israel has been waiting for? Are you God’s Son?”

Jesus said, “I am.”

The ruler said, “We don’t need any more witnesses. Jesus is guilty of blasphemy.”

According to Jewish religious law, it was blasphemy to claim to be God. The ruler didn’t believe Jesus was God. He thought thought Jesus was only a man. So he believed Jesus was guilty of blasphemy.

The penalty for blasphemy was death. But the Jewish religious rulers could not sentence a man to death. Only the Roman government could sentence a man to death and kill him. So they decided to take Jesus to the Roman governor.

At this time Peter followed Jesus from a distance. Outside the building where Jesus was, Peter waited to see what would happen. A little girl came to Peter. “Are you one of Jesus’ followers?” she asked.

Peter said, “No. I am not.”

Later some servants asked Peter, “Are you one of Jesus’ disciples?”

Peter said again, “No. I am not.”

Another man said, “Didn’t I see you in the garden with Jesus?”

Then Peter cursed. He said, “I don’t know who you are talking about!”

Immediately a rooster crowed. Peter remembered what Jesus said to him. Then he went out and wept.


garden (n)

difficult (adj)

fall asleep

soldier (n)

arrest (v)

grab (v)

sword (n)

lie (v)

false (adj)

defend (v)

guilty (adj)

blasphemy (n)

law (n)

claim (v)

penalty (n)

sentence (v)

Roman (adj)

government (n)

governor (n)

distance (n)

curse (v)

weep (v)


Present         Past                Past Participle         Future

fall                   fell                   has fallen                  will fall

lead                led                   has led                       will lead

run                  ran                  has ran                      will run

weep              wept                has wept                    will weep


  1. What did Jesus’disciples do while Jesus prayed?
  2. Who did Judas lead to the garden?
  3. How did Judus say they would know who Jesus was?
  4. What did Peter do to one of the men who came to arrest Jesus?
  5. Did Jesus defend himself?
  6. What did the ruler say Jesus was guilty of?
  7. What was the penalty for blasphemy?
  8. Why didn’t the Jewish religious leaders sentence Jesus to death?
  9. What did Peter do when he remembered what Jesus said about disowning him three times before the rooster crowed?