NT (Life of Christ Lessons) Vocabulary List

To the teacher: This is a vocabulary list for all the of

Life of Christ lessons. I’ve put the entire list

in one very long column. That way you

can reformat it any way you want.


You can use this list to translate the words

into the language of your students.

If you provide a translation for this list in

another language and are willing to

share your work, please contact me so that

I may provide the translation,

or where to get it, on my website.                


New Testament Vocabulary List

ability (n)

accept (v)

admit (v)

alive (adj)

allow (v)

amaze (v)

angel (n)

arrest (v)

ashamed (adj)

barn (n)

basket (n)

beg (v)

being (n)

believe (v)

betray (v)

blasphemy (n)

blind (adj)

blow (v)

boat (n)

borrow (v)

bow (v)

break (v)

bury (v)

calf (n)

call out

calm (adj)

cave (n)

celebrate (v)

charge (v)

cheat (v)

Christian (n)

claim (v)

coin (n)

collect (v)

come short

compare (v)

continue (v)

create (v)

criminal (n)

criticize (v)

crop (n)

cross (n)

crow (v)

crowd (v)

crucify (v)

cry (v)

curse (v)

dancing (n)

dead (adj)

death (n)

decide (v)

defend (v)

deserve (v)

die (v)

difficult (adj)

disciple (n)

disown (v)

distance (n)

disturb (v)

dream (n)

drown (v)

earthquake (n)

empty (adj)

engaged (adj)

eternal (adj)

extra (adj)

faint (v)

fair (adj)

fall asleep

false (adj)

famine (n)

fault (n)

feast (n)

finally (adv)

finished (adj)

fish (n)

fish (v)

fishermen (n)

fishing line (n)

follow (v)

fool (n)

foolish (adj)

forever (adv)

forget (v)

forgive (v)

forgiveness (n)

forsake (v)

free (v)

full (adj)

garden (n)

gather (v)

get into trouble

get rid of

ghost (n)

gift (n)

give birth

glory (n)

goat (n)

government (n)

governor (n)

grab (v)

grain (n)

grass (n)

guard (v)

guilty (adj)

hand (v)


hang (v)

hang (v)

hate (v)

have a baby

heal (v)

healthy (adj)

heart (n)

hill (n)

hired (v & adj)

holy (adj)

home town

hope (v)

hug (v)

human (adj)

hungry (adj)

hurry (v)

hurt (v)

impossible (adj)

in place of

inheritance (n)

inn (n)

innocent (adj)

kill (v)

kiss (v)

lake (n)

law (n)

left over

lie (v)

lifetime (n)

limit (v)

list (n)

loaves of bread

lose (v)

lunch (n)

made a deal

make sure

manger (n)

message (n)

miracle (n)

mountain (n)

multiply (v)

nail (n)

nail (v)

nation (n)

nets (n)

news (n)

no matter how

obey (v)

offend (v)

on trial

opportunity (n)

order (n)

out of control

own (v)

pain (n)

party (n)

penalty (n)

please (v)

plenty (n)

possession (n)

power (n)

pray (v)

prepare (v)

preserve (v)

punish (v)

punishment (n)

quickly (adv)

quiet (adj)

ready (adj)

real (adj)

receive (v)

refuse (v)

register (v)

religious leaders

remind (v)

responsibility (n)

responsible (adj)

reward (n)

rich (adj)

ring (n)

roll (v)

Roman (adj)

room (n)

rooster (n)

rule (n)

save (v)

savior (n)

scar (n)

scold (v)

seal (v)

secretly (adv)

sentence (v)

separate (v)

servant (n)

serve (v)

share (n)

shepherd (n)

shine (v)

sight (n)

sin (v)

sinful (adj)

sink (v)

soldier (n)

sorry (adj)

spend (v)

spice (n)

spirit (n)

stable (n)

starving (adj)

stay (v)

steal (v)

still (adj)

store (v)

storm (n)

story (n)

strips of cloth

suddenly (adv)

support (v)

surprising (adj)

sword (n)

take life easy

tax (n)

tax collector (n)

tear down

temple (n)

terrible (adj)

tired (adj)

tomb (n)

totally (adv)

touch (v)

treat (v)

true (adj)

trust (v)

try (v)

twice (adv)

uncomfortable (adj)

unpunished (adj)

unwrap (v)

village (n)

virgin (n)

wages (n)

waste (v)

wasteful (adj)

wave (n)

way (n)

wealth (n)

wealthy (adj)

weep (v)

worry (v)

worship (v)

wrap (v)

wrong (adj)

yell (v)