Follow Me: 5 Ways to Follow Me as an Author

Jesus asked many people to “Follow me.” This one command changed the lives of all who truly followed him, in the same way it changes his followers today.

Don’t worry. I’m not asking for that kind of commitment. If you’re like me, you’re probably pretty choosey about who you follow online. When you consider following someone, all kinds of questions come to mind:  “What if they clutter up my email in box with lots of junk mail? Will they expect me to interact with them all the time? Will I offend them if I ask to be taken off their mailing list? Will they share my address with others?”

If you hate that kind of thing, be assured I do too. I want people to feel they can follow whatever I offer while it is helpful, and they can unsubscribe easily when they’re no longer interested. I honor privacy, never sharing your address with anyone. And I try not to send so much content that it gets annoying.

That said, here are the best ways to follow me.

Deb’s Book Blast  

This is an email list for people who enjoy reading my books. Since I’m getting ready to publish another book later in the year, I intend to send more letters this year, but almost never more than once a month.

Coming soon in Deb’s Book Blast:

  • When is Book Three in the Keyhole Mysteries coming out?
  • Why am I re-branding the Keyhole Mysteries as the Art Spotlight Mysteries?
  • What is a beta reader and how can you become a beta reader for my new book?
  • What does the cover for my new book look like? How are the other covers changing?
  • What have I learned about art by writing a series about an artist?
  • Why is ministry and culture prominent in almost all my books?
  • Why do I handle romance and dating differently in my books than most Christian authors do?

Deb’s Ministry Blog   

This list goes to people who want to read my blogs about ministry. I write about ministry in three areas: missions ministry, small church ministry, and writing for Christian publication. For some time I’ve been posting blogs fortnightly (every other week), but starting now I’ll post once a month.

Coming soon in Deb’s Ministry Blog:

  • Do you use possessions or achievements to define yourself? What should you use?
  • Why do I avoid saying, “God told me.”
  • What does it mean to be a “conservative Christian” and how do you get past the labels?
  • Where can you find a Christmas program for your small church?
  • How can you guard contentment in your heart when you’re away from home for Christmas?

Facebook Author Page  

My ministry blog automatically posts to my Facebook Author Page. I also share or post other items on this page.

What’s the biggest drawback with following me on my author page?  Facebook users need to “like” my author page (not my personal profile) at the top of the page to see any of my page content in their newsfeeds. Even then, only a small percentage will see it unless the content is generating a lot of engagement. If you’ve been following me on Facebook and getting less than two notifications a month, you’ve been missing some of my posts.  If you want to see all of them, it’s better to follow me through my website and join the mailing list for Deb’s Book Blast and/or Deb’s Ministry Blog.


You can also follow me on Pintrest. Recently I’ve found a lot of fun ways to use Pintrest to interact with readers and show visual images of the things I write about in my books. Here are some examples of what you can find there:

  • Full color art from Art Spotlight Mystery #1: Broken Windows
  • Artwork, art illusions, and places mentioned in Art Spotlight Mystery #2: Déjà Who?
  • Previews of art for Art Spotlight Mystery #3: I Scream
  • Art Humor
  • Art I Love


You can follow me on Goodreads by checking out my author page. If you want to see what fiction I’m reading and what I think of it, you can do that too. I usually friend anyone who wants to friend me. It would help if you shoot me a message to tell me how I know you or how you found out about me.

Note on series name: I am in the process of rebranding my mystery series, changing the name from Keyhole Mysteries to Art Spotlight series. It will take a number of months before I can make the change complete. This is merely a name change and doesn’t change the content of the initial two books, Broken Windows and Déjà Who?

Note on image: The image at the top comes from my upcoming book, I Scream.

 Sneak Peek at Art Spotlight Mystery #3: I Scream

 Jordan Axtell can’t believe it. Out of all his students’ paintings on display at Maple Tree Art Center, a prominent art critic focuses on one by Destiny. CJ Fogelquist labels this six-year-old student’s painting “a masterpiece of contemporary art.” His review is great publicity for Destiny, but why does she need publicity when she just finished kindergarten? Jordan would kill (almost) for that kind of publicity to help him build his own art career enough to support a wife and family. One solid endorsement from an art expert like CJ would push his career to a new level, but the critic wastes it on a kid!

When Destiny’s work goes viral, Jordan agrees to become her agent. As her success spirals out of control, Jordan tries to market artwork he doesn’t believe in. It feels wrong, but if Destiny’s work is validated by major art experts, who is he to question its validity? Can he help it if Destiny’s success sends his own career soaring? Her success triggers immediate challenges and Jordan is forced to choose between living by his art ideals and protecting his young client.

Careers hang in the balance and wedding plans are side-tracked as Jordan tries to make sense of social media gone crazy. When the controversy about Destiny’s art becomes lethal, can Jordan and his over-looked fiancée find the killer and protect the future of their new little friend?

Art Spotlight Mystery #3, I Scream, makes you wonder if contemporary art, which challenges traditional boundaries, is true art. When even artists find it hard to define, what criteria is objective enough to judge it fairly? This light hearted mystery asks the Christian reader, “How can you promote yourself and serve others at the same time?”


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