Moose Discussion Questions

1. If you are a Christian, can you think of a time you were totally surrounded by unbelievers who had very different values and priorities? How did that make you feel? Did you try to blend in?

2. How do you think an unbeliever feels when he or she visits your church or youth group? How could you make him or her feel more comfortable?

3. When you participate in sports are you usually one of the best, the worst, or average? Have you ever made your team lose? Did that make you afraid to try that same sport again? Have you ever said words to a loser that humiliated him or her?

4. What pranks have you pulled on other people? What pranks have others pulled on you? What is the best prank you’ve heard of? Did any of the pranks backfire and hurt someone or get someone in trouble?

5.  How much do you think God controls our lives? Does hard work on our part make a difference to what happens in our lives? What are some ways God can use difficult things in our lives? What are some good things God has done for you? Do you feel closer to God when things are going well or when life is particularly difficult?


6. How do you feel when you think people are nice to you simply to get you to do what they want? Is that different from being nice to someone so he’ll get saved? In what way? Why should you bother being nice and friendly to someone if you think he’ll never get saved?

7. Do you think it’s right to be a friend to people mainly to influence them to make good life choices? Would you still want to be their friend if they make bad choices and won’t listen to you?

8. What do you think God was doing before he created the earth and the angels? What questions do you have about God that you know you won’t find the answer to during your lifetime?

9. Contrast Cody’s idea of friendship with Wesley’s. What kind of friend are you to unbelievers and new believers? What could you learn from Cody or Wesley?

10. What character do you like most in Moose? Which do you like least? Who are you most like?

11. We can learn from people we don’t like and who aren’t like us. What did Wesley learn from Moose? What did Moose learn from Wesley?

12. Cody wanted his team to win so Moose would like camp and grow as a Christian. How do you think the final outcome affected Moose?

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