My Favorite Book Titles for Christian Novels

The perfect book title is a beautiful thing that every author strives to achieve. I happen to love these titles which come from Christian novels:

A Fool and His Monet

Another Day, Another Dali

Over Maya Dead Body

(art mystery  series by Sandra Orchard)








Boo Who

Boo Hiss

Boo Humbug

(take place in Skary, Indiana, by Rene Gutteridge)





(about an anchorwoman, a policeman, and an airline employee; all siblings by the name of Hazard)





Doesn’t She Look Natural?

She’s in a Better Place

(from a series about a woman who inherits a mortuary, by Angela Hunt)









Less Than Dead

(one in a series about a bug man who solves crimes as a forensic  entomologist, by Tim Down)









Peanut Butter Friends in a Chop Suey World

(this title was initially rejected by the publisher because it was so long, but is the one book by Deb Brammer which is remembered for its name (or most of it).)