NT Lesson 4 – Catches Fish



Luke 5:1-11

When Jesus was 30 years old, he began to teach people about God. Many people came to listen to Jesus. One day Jesus stood by a lake and spoke to people. Many people crowded around to listen. It was hard for some of them to see Jesus.

Some fishermen were washing their nets nearby. Jesus borrowed a boat from a fisherman named Peter. Peter took the boat out into the water. Jesus sat in the boat and taught the people about God.

When Jesus had finished speaking he said to Peter, “Bring the boat out to the deep water. Let down your nets to catch fish.”

Peter had already fished all night long. He had not caught any fish. Now he was cleaning his nets so that he could go home. Peter said to Jesus, “We’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught any fish. But because you tell me to, I will let down the nets.”

When the fishermen let down the net they caught so many fish that the net began to break. They called their friends to come help them. They filled two boats with fish. The boats were so full that they began to sink.

When Peter saw this happen, he knew it was a miracle. He knew Jesus was God.  Peter told Jesus, “You must leave me because I am a sinful man.”

Jesus said, “Don’t be afraid. From now on, you will not catch fish. Follow me and you will catch men.” Jesus meant that Peter would help people know that Jesus was God.

Peter and his friends put their boats on the land. They left everything they owned and followed Jesus. Peter, his brother Andrew, and their friends James and John were the first people to follow Jesus. Soon twelve people went everywhere with Jesus. Those twelve were called his disciples.


 Names of People






lake (n)

crowd (v)

fishermen (n)

nets (n)

borrow (v)

boat (n)

fish (n)

fish (v)

sink (v)

miracle (n)

sinful (adj)

follow (v)

disciple (n)


 Present      Past                          Past Participle      Future

stand              stood                          has stood                   will stand

teach              taught                         has taught                 will teach

catch              caught                        has caught                will catch

mean              meant                         has meant                 will mean

sink                 sank or sunk             has sunk                   will sink


  1. Where did Jesus sit to teach the crowd about God?
  2. Who did Jesus borrow a boat from?
  3. What did Jesus tell Peter to do?
  4. Why didn’t Peter want to go fishing when Jesus asked him to?
  5. Why did Peter let down the net?
  6. How many fish did the fishermen catch?
  7. What did Jesus say Peter would catch now? What did Jesus mean?
  8. How many disciples followed Jesus?