Planning Ahead for Christmas at Church

Christmas wreath.By September most churches have started to plan their Christmas program. If you’re looking for a program which can be done by a small church, check out some of mine here. All of these have been designed by me for our mission church ministry. Most are free. You can feel free to adapt them to meet your church’s need.

I offer many free resources on this website and I don’t ask for anything in return. I don’t even make you enter your email address because I hate it when other websites do that. If, however, you don’t just download, but actually use one of my programs and it works well for you, you could always purchase one of my books to say thank you.

Maybe you have a Christmas party or celebration instead of a program or in addition to a program. Here are three party game ideas that work well for church.

Christmas Relay

by Deb Brammer

Choose two or three teams. Each team chooses team members to do various Christmas tasks down and back. First team done wins.

  • Shine like a star. (Carries a star to the end. Sings 1 verse of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” runs back.)
  • Follow like a shepherd. (2 people. Sheep rides on scooter, trolley, or skateboard on his knees down and back. Shepherd runs beside him wearing bathrobe.)
  • Sing like an angel. (Angel, wearing wings, runs down, sings “Away in a Manger” or “Silent Night,” one verse by memory, runs back.)
  • Ride the camel. (2 people. Smaller person rides on the back of larger one. Camel can run on two legs.)
  • Ring the bells. (Runs down ringing a bell, sings “Joy to the World,” one verse, runs back ringing a bell.)
  • Let your light shine. (2 people. Person with matches lights candle. Both run down and back. If the candle goes out, the candle bearer must stop immediately and wait for the candle lighter to re-light it. Candle must be lit as candle bearer crosses the finish line.)

Right/Left Christmas Game

Here’s a creative game that works well for church. Everyone brings a gift to give away that will work for about anyone. During the narration everyone passes the gift on his lap right or left according to the story. At the end of the story you keep the one in your lap.

Ring a Bell Game

From time to time throughout the duration of the party, the leader rings a bell. Every time the bell rings, people should listen to the leader. Each time the one who best fits the description the leader is reading gets a prize.

Christmas BellI am looking for…

  1. the person with the birthday closest to Christmas.
  2. the person who can say “Merry Christmas” in the most different languages.
  3. the person who has been an angel the most times in various Christmas programs.
  4. the person who will travel the most kilometres for Christmas Day dinner.
  5. the first person who correctly lists all twelve gifts in “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”
  6. the person who has mailed out the most Christmas cards so far this year.
  7. the person who is wearing the most red and/or green.
  8. the person who has spent the most Christmases in another country.
  9. the person who put up their Christmas tree the earliest.


[image courtesy of iofoto and lorelyn medina/deposit photos]