Craft Night Outreaches for Ladies













If your church is like ours, you struggle to reach people who don’t want to go to church and feel uneasy around “religious” people. Last year we started having craft nights for ladies to bridge this gap. Many ladies will consider coming to a craft night that would not want to come to a regular church service.

We try to make our craft nights fun and informal. We do have a devotional, and we state this on the invitation so they don’t feel we are sneaking something past them. I try to keep my devotional short and light hearted. I present the gospel and offer to talk to anyone who is interested, but am careful not to pressure them and make them regret coming. I think of this night as an introduction for them to church things, hoping that they’ll be comfortable enough to come back and learn more.

Our craft night gives our ladies and opportunity to invite their friends and neighbors.  Perhaps they’ve already invited them to church, but this gives them an excuse to invite them again to something special.

Last year we had two craft nights. The first one featured gingerbread men crafts. I used “Shaped by His Love” as a topic. You can find the crafts, devotional notes, and Power Point slides here and my Pintrest pins here.

Later in the year we made Christmas star crafts and I talked about the wise men.

We’ve just finished another craft night, “Hang In There” with clothes pin crafts. My devotional tells how God helps us hang in there and hold together in times of crisis. You can find crafts, my devotional, and Power Point slides here and my Pintrest pins here.

If your church is looking for a way to reach out to unsaved ladies, you might find that a craft night would be a good way to bridge the gap and reach them for Christ.