“Mother-Daughter” Events

mother and daughter

With Mothers’ Day coming up, you may be planning a mother-daughter event. They can build special memories that help mothers and daughters bond, but they can also exclude people if not carefully handled. We’ve had many mum-daughter events in our mission church, but we learned we needed to be careful what we called these events.

When we planned our first event, we realized there were some disadvantages for using the “mother-daughter” label when planning events:

  • Some women are not mothers.
  • Other women are not mothers of daughters, but only sons.
  • Some women don’t have daughters who live at home and are interested in coming to church activities.
  • Some daughters don’t have mothers who live nearby or are interested in coming to church.

Now when we plan events for women and girls we might call them “girls night out” or something like that, and specify that all women and girls are invited.

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