Virtual Vacation in New Zealand – New Beginnings

Discover New Worlds

When you read a novel, you discover a new world and you may go where you have never gone before. My New Beginnings series takes you to New Zealand. If you want to visit those places virtually while you read the books, these links and photos will help you visualize those places.


Short Poppies

In Short Poppies, Book 1 of my New Beginnings series, Levi and MacKenzie visit many of the places in this list. For places not on this list, check out my Short Poppies Pinterest Board.

These are the places they visit, listed by chapter:

Chapter 6: Moeraki Boulders, #1 on this list

Chapter 7: Oamaru’s Victorian Precinct, #3 on the list

Chapter 10: Oamaru Harbour, #13 and Friendly Bay Playground, #15 on the list, and the Moana boat pin

Chapter 17: Waitaki and Oamaru Visitor Centre, #12 on the list

Chapter 27: Oamaru Public Gardens, #5 on the list, and the statue pin

Deb Brammer in a Moeraki Boulder

Art Brammer being eaten by a Moeraki Boulder

Give It a Go

In Give It a Go, Book 2 in the series, Jennifer, Brayden, and Alyssa visit these places which you will find on my Give It a Go Pinterest board.

These are the places they visit, listed by chapter:

Chapter 7: The Victorian Precinct: see the corner historical building (Things to do in Oamaru)

Chapter 9: Blue penguins waddling in from the coast

Chapter 12: Zigzag bridge at Oamaru Public Gardens

Chapter 13: Dunedin’s railway station and Baldwin Street

Chapter 18: Friendly Bay’s Steampunk Playground

Chapter 19: Coronet Peak and Queenstown Gondola and Ledge Bungy

Chapter 20: Lake Wakatipu

Chapter 23: Harbour at Friendly Bay

Chapter 29: Monarch Wildlife Cruise in Dunedin

Chapter 32: Gazebo at Oamaru Public Garden

Chapter 35: They eat a hangi meal.

Deb at the Steampunk Playground in Oamaru


Art and Deb at Whitestone City in Oamaru



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