Wise Man Hats

wise men 006This year I have a problem. Five kids and teens want to be wise men for our Christmas program. It’s a great problem to have. I love to see kids willing and eager to dress up, learn lines, and play a part. We don’t know how many wise men worshiped the Lord Jesus. We only know that they gave him three presents. So why not have all of them be wise men?

We need a simple program this year so we are doing a part of a program we’ve used before. Christmas Disaster if a full hour program with many parts, but inside that program is a nice little part done by three wise men. I’ve pulled that part out to use this year. I’ll be redistributing the parts so that all five of my wise men have something to say. And they can all sing the song.

That left me with a costume problem. I had three nice wise men costumes that we had used before. I found I could also use costumes we had used for Joseph and Mary if I added fancy collars and jewelry. Most of our costumes come from this one easy, flexible pattern. (McCall’s Easy-to-Sew Christmas Costume Patter #2339.)

This worked well, but I needed hats and wanted something different from the crowns on the pattern. I used an idea I’d come up with from another year and then added a new one that I figured out by glancing at hats on the internet. These two style of hats, the Band Hat and the Tube Hat, are easy to make. When you use different fabrics and accessories you can come up with many different looks. If you need wise men hats for your program this year, check out these simple instructions.

Whatever you using as an outreach in your ministry this year, may all the glory go to God. And may he guide your preparations to use Christmas to share the message of salvation.

Thanks to my husband, Art Brammer, for modeling the hats. They look great on the kids with the costumes, but I don’t post pictures of kids on my website without parental permission as unbalanced people have been known to use internet pictures in perverted ways.

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