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  1. Hi Deb, I have just checked into your website which was given in your newsletter to my new church Calvary Baptist, Bremerton,WA ~ Pastor Art Sinski. I have not explored all of your site yet. My interest is in writting for publication. I could not pay the high tuition for a course (even though I passed their “test”) to write for publication. So I was waiting on the Lord for what else to do with that desire that won’t go away.

    What do you need from me to see if I would be a possible student for you to mentor? I have self published several books and can tell you about them (or send a couple different ones to you)if that would help you make a decision. I am not good at fiction. Just real life and technical things. Sincerely in Christ our Lord,
    Dr Dorie Erickson, Ph.D.,C.N.C.

    • Hi Dorie. Thanks for your question about mentoring. I plan to address this question in my Encouragement for Writers blog next week. Until then, I recommend you order Ethel Herr’s book “An Introduction to Christian Writing” which is listed under Books I Recommend under my Writers’ Circle. If you want to send me a list of your books and a short description of each, I can look at the things you like to write about. Please send these to my normal email address:

  2. Hi Deb, I just want to thank you for sharing your knowledge about writing and your enthusiasm in your faith. I am working on both! I am a ‘new writer’ and heard about your site through ‘Bec’s’ and the pilot creative writing people at SIT Invercargill. Thanks again. Katrina.

  3. Deb, I’m so glad to find your site. Well done! It’s great to hobnob with other authors in our circle. I’ll be checking your site frequently for advice and other helpful info. Let’s definitely stay in touch.

  4. Hi Deb,

    Your website was given to me by my Pastors wife who recently read 2 of my short stories. I am not sure if they are good enough or even if I have good enough writing skills to be thinking on getting my items published. Would it be possible to email you the 2 (very) short stories I have. To receive your feedback would be much appreciated. Also I am over in Scotland so not sure if you know anyone in the UK I could send items to for publishing over here. In our Saviours name, Thank you.

    • Hi Michelle. Thanks for writing. I will send you my email address separately so that you can send your articles. I will take a quick look at them and see where you are. You will want to look at my January 19, 2009 blog called “Can I Mentor You?” It is under “Encouragement for Writers” under “Writer’s Circle.” Also the best way to begin is by reading all of my writing articles and working to put those principles into practice. I can also put you on my writers’ mailing list if you like. That will notify you when I post something new of interest to writers.

  5. Deb,
    I just found your website listed in the Faith Witness. This may be an answer to prayer! Every week I open my church bulletin, read our adult paper and often think, “I could do this!” Along with that, I have numerous friends encouraging me to “do” something with my writing, but I haven’t really had any direction or any “how to” knowledge on how to proceed. And of course, I’m hampered by time contraints and my own fear of failure, which is probably pretty common with all would-be writers.

    Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for this site and express my excitement over finding it. I plan to schedule “Deb” breaks into my days so that I can study here and learn just what it is that I need to do in order to share my writing with others.

  6. This is a response to someone asking for the music to “Watchman, What of the Night?” It is public domain music that goes with a song I wrote for “No Room for Jesus,” my Christmas play published by Standard Publishing: I have this song scanned in three separate bmp files that are rather large. I can either attach these files and send them to you by email or, if you prefer, I can mail a hard copy directly to you and you can send US$3.00 to our daughter in Minnesota. (We would mail them from New Zealand.) What would you prefer?

  7. Hi Deb,
    I met you in Colorado at the Christian Writers Guild in 2004. I just wanted to say hi and thank you for the encouragement you gave me. My first book was published with help from WinePress and the second in the series has been sent off to a publisher. You can check out my website at or my wordpress blog, also doublecousins. Thanks again.
    Miriam Jones Bradley

  8. Hey Deb! We are in Fl for a few weeks and I have the opportunity to work with some Chinese students for a couple of classes. The pastor here said he had an ESL book I might like to use. Surprise! It was written by you. I really like it. It reminds me of the ones used by OMS in Taiwan only better. Hope your family is doing well. Jennifer

  9. Hi Deb,
    I am teaching ESL to Chinese speakers on Guam. I was introduced to your site by Ruth Harbour, missionary to Taiwan. I am very interested in your lessons in Genesis and life of Christ, or the Gospel of John. Are these printed in book form? I see from above comments there must be. How do I obtain copies? Eager to hear from you. God’s best, Barb

    • Click on the “rbpstore” link under the title and it will take you to a website where you can buy the Life of Christ book. You can download the Old Testaments lessons for free by clicking on the individual lessons. I hope you find them helpful.

  10. Deb,
    Your O.T. stories are perfect. Now I don’t have to “reinvent the wheel.” Thank you for making the Life of Christ books so affordable. To God be the glory! Barb

  11. Dear Mrs. Brammer, I am working on a survey of English fiction related to Taiwan. So far I have more than fifty books, including your “Peanut Butter Friends…” (which BTW I enjoyed very much). Would you be willing to answer a few questions about it and you?

    Anticipating yes…

    1. Am I correct in understanding that you married in 1977 and graduated from college in 1978? (Your 2 biographical webpages contain a slight ambiguity/inconsistency.)

    2. What was your major at Faith Baptist? Was it journalism?

    3. In what year did you move to NZ? Are you still there?

    4. Was the school in the novel based on Taichung American School (formerly Lincoln), or Morrison Academy? Or neither? Did either of your daughters attend?

    Thank you very much, and if you would care to look over the finished chapter, I would be happy to send it.

    • Thanks for your kind letter. I’m glad you enjoyed “Peanut Butter Friends in a Chop Suey World. Yes we married in 1977. My husband and I both graduated in 1977, then he went back for a fifth year and graduated again in 1978. Faith Baptist doesn’t offer a major in journalism. I took all the journalism courses they had. I majored in theology and Christian Education. (I actually came about one course short of having my CE major.) We moved to New Zealand in 1998. My daughters both attended Morrison in Taichung and some things in my fiction book are closely related to Morrison. I’d be glad to look over your finished chapter if you send it to my email address which I will send to your email address. Thanks for your interest in my book.

  12. Deb–

    Happy to come across your site. I see we have some similar interests. I started writing puppet scripts for our small independent Baptist church while my husband was a pastor. When that ministry ended, I turned to writing fiction. In particular, inspirational adult mystery fiction.

    Well, I studied, wrote, rewrote, attended conferences, and entered and finalled in contests. I’ve just sold a short piece to a Christian small press. But with the CBA world reflecting such a vast doctrinal expanse and a hugely varied expression of lifestyles, I would love to seek publication of future works with a publisher who focuses on the fundamental niche. And I would love to read books from this perspective, where the inspiration arc doesn’t need to be so generic. Only there doesn’t seem to be any such house–at least not for adult fiction. Am I missing something?

    • You’re not missing anything. When it comes to adult fiction books I don’t know of anyone who narrows their market to fundamentalists. We won’t be able to include certain elements in of our novels, but I still believe we can write excellent, entertaining fiction with a strong message and find publishers. However, I always encourage writers who want to publish novels to start with articles and short stories for Christian publication. This allows you to develop your craft, build relationships with editors, and “pay your dues” as a Christian writer. Most book publishers would look for at least some publishing credits, maybe many, before they are ready to considering investing considerable money into a new novelist. That doesn’t make novel publication by a traditional publisher impossible, it just means that novels aren’t the first step toward publication.

  13. I clicked on the “About Me” that came up when you posted this and it took me to your old website. Don’t know how you remedy that kind of thing. Isn’t it frustrating?

  14. I came across your website today, maybe providentially. To make a long story short, years ago I did some freelance writing for publications, including Regular Baptist Press ( which is how I came to find your website, as I was checking out the RBP writer’s guidelines.) I haven’t been writing for the years in between.
    Last month I decided to start a blog. After LOTS of writing and re-writing, I now have only 10 or so posts up and NO readers (except maybe my family).
    I decided I needed to educate myself on the subject of blogs and SEO, etc. But now, after reading some of the info, I’m feeling overwhelmed and that maybe I should give up on my blog or change focus or at least find some way to make it not so time-consuming. For the past few weeks I’ve been writing full-time hours, and even into the night to get those 10 measly 300-500 word posts up. That’s way too much time. Something’s not right.
    It’s encouraging to come across you, a fellow conservative Christian, and your site and I look forward to checking out all your writing tips. I’m also hoping you can recommend additional resources, particularly on writing a Christian blog…Lin

    • I would really encourage you to order the T. Suzanne Eller mp3 file or CD I mentioned in my blog. It will help you define who you are and what you want to say, who your target audience is, and what you can give them. It is crucial to give your readers something they need that will bring them to you. Remember it takes time to build readership in a blog. Even if you minister to a few, that is significant ministry. Suzie Eller addresses this. I think it’s in the second one of that continuing class. Send me a link to your blog and I’ll take a look at it. I’ll consider doing a blog on building readership soon.

  15. Thanks, Debbi. I will order the mp3 file or the CD you mentioned. This morning I actually saw my husband looking at my blog…without me telling him to…so I’m a little bit encouraged that maybe someone (even if it’s just my family) in the world might read it and maybe benefit from it. is my blog address…but bear in mind that I’m in the process of tweaking it and maybe changing it altogether. Doing some more blog research today.

  16. Hi,
    Our church is looking to do your Christmas program No Room for Jesus. I’m having trouble printing No room for me song. It cuts off the words. Can you provide help?

    • This is a jpeg file. It is actually a picture of the music. I copied it into a Word file and it prints out fine for me.Try copying it into your word processing program and printing it. Hope that works for you.

  17. A friend recommended that I check out a book from you called Jesus and Me but I can’t find it on this site. Please advise me where to look for it.

  18. Good Morning,

    I am interested in your Christmas Disaster play for our Christmas program at my church. I was wondering if there is a way I can sample it to see if it will really work for our people before I purchase it.

    Thank you.

  19. Hi Deb! I am currently doing ministry with 3 Chinese Churches in Southern California. I have been asked to teach ESL to a group of women. I wanted to know if you could recommend a good curriculum and give me advice on how to start. I would like to use the Bible. Thanks- Lucretia

    • When we taught English we started with the Bible People and Me–Life of Christ book. We also bought an English conversation book locally and used both of them together. The Life of Christ book can be used with people who have just a beginning knowledge of reading English to a more advanced group. The book includes instructions to the teacher of how to adapt it for the various levels. You can use the vocabulary to teach pronunciation and how to use the words in a sentence. You would use the discussion questions for a more advanced group. Each student will need a book, but these are now very reasonably priced at about a dollar a book. Hope your class goes well!

  20. Is there any way we can get access to how the music sounds with the lyrics you used in the play NO Room for Jesus? I’m directing without assistance in the music area.

    • Probably about ten minutes. It depends how fast you read and how long you have to wait for the various people to interact with their sounds.

  21. I was teaching one of my Japanese ESL students a 10 week Bible study in my home. Towards the end of our study, I found the plan of salvation on your website and used it to help her understand the Gospel. The last week of our study, she prayed and trusted Christ! Now I am wondering if you have written any follow-up information that I could share with her. Thank you for making the Gospel simple enough for her to understand.

    • I’m so glad to hear this student accepted Christ as her Savior! However my only ESL materials are the Life of Christ and the Old Testament Bible stories. I now live in New Zealand and don’t work with ESL Students. Hope you can find some materials that work well for new believers.

  22. Hi from one Deb to another.
    I am from the ends of the earth too, as you will see from my email address :o)
    I have my very first ‘self published book’ in at the publishers right now, and could do with some help in getting it promoted in our little country and also throughout the big wide world. The publisher is going to take care of the ebooks for me through 3 different promoters, Amazon being one of them, but I will have the hard copies that I will need to be able to distribute, 250 copies to begin with, that is all I can afford!. Have you got any helpful ways I can get my work out there in NZ. My book is challenging the the popular teaching around the 4 Horsemen with some very comprehesive biblical backup. I have the most compelling biblical evidence and believe that people will be hard pressed to refute it. I really wrote the book because I do believe that others will be blessed out of their socks by it.
    Look forward to your reply

    • My best advice would be to find a Christian teacher who agrees with your work and is willing to endorse it. With a theological book like this, people want to know what viewpoint you’re coming from or they’ll be afraid to waste money on a book they don’t agree with. I don’t know what your publishing arrangement is, but with Amazon you have print-on-demand. You pay for set up, but the buyer pays for paper and printing when they buy the book. You don’t have books sitting around which you need to sell. They only print books as they are sold, but your book is always in print. I’ve used CreateSpace along with Kindle and Nook and am soon about to launch my third book using this method. If you’re not familiar with this concept, I recommend you look into CreateSpace and their publishing options.

  23. Hey Deb,
    Maryann just directed me to your GF site. My husband has been gf since last summer!
    Enjoyed seeing your girls pics-Lisa hasn’t chged a bit!!
    Glad to see you are still writing!
    Jennifer Deans Larson
    No need to post this message

  24. Hello, I remember the begining of the Mary Weaver Case just before I moved from Iowa to New Mexico in 1994. I understand she was found not guilty at her third trial in March, 1997. Would you happen to know or would you be able to ask MRS. Weaver what the weather was like in Iowa on the March day in 1997 when she was found not guilty in her third trial? I still have relatives in Iowa, and if I remember correctly Iowa experienced an april Snow storm aproximately a month after MRS. Weaver was found not guilty at her third trial. Sincerely, James Eric Walker

    • Better than relying on memory is Googling the date and the weather. I found out as I wrote this book that you can find out exactly what the weather was in years past by doing this. Hope this is helpful.

  25. Hi Deb,
    I just saw on Facebook this week the books you have written, I ordered some for my grandkids.
    We moved back to the U.S. In 1999 because I got very sick and doctors didn’t know what was wrong. I was finally diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Lisa and Steve have both been diagnosed with Celiac in the past few years.

  26. Hi! I’m one of those desperate last-minute searchers.
    One thing you haven’t included is an approx. time it will take to present each one. That’s important to us.
    Also, – I don’t see any place to order! Am interested in the Branches one right now.

    • Times will vary some and I don’t have the times off hand for most of them. I know Christmas Disaster takes the longest at about an hour. No Room for Jesus takes about 40 minutes. The rest are generally shorter. With just a few exceptions, most are free. Just download them and use them as you wish. With a free download you can always read them out loud and get an approximate performance time. No obligations, but if you actually go ahead and use a program and want to say thank you, you can always order one of my books. The programs you have to order provide a link.

    • I checked the link and it takes you to the only place that you can buy the program or view it. I don’t own the rights to this one, so it’s beyond my control. Once you buy it, however, you can make copies for all the actors in your church or group. It takes about an hour to perform.

  27. Hi there! I came across your website while looking for some materials on Joseph to use in my adult ESL bible class. I structure of your Old Testament lessons is exactly what I’m looking for. I’m wondering whether it is okay to copy a few of your Old Testament lessons to hand out to my class (slightly reformatted and with credit given) as we study Joseph. Thanks so much!

    • Changing the appearance is fine, as long as the meaning is the same. Thanks for giving credit for my writing. You can make as many copies as you want.

  28. Hello, Deb! I just joined the BookBlast email, and received a link for your article on 6 points of Christian Fiction, but the link doesn’t work. 😉 I just finished reading Broken Windows–the characters were so real! Thank you for that encouraging work. =)

    I look forward to exploring your website and other books!


    “…where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” II Corinthians 3.17b

    • Thanks so much for informing me about the link that isn’t working. I’ll try to fix it today. Glad to hear you liked Broken Windows. I’d love it if you’d leave an honest Amazon review!! Glad to have you on my Book Blast too.

  29. I would like to contribute to a book collection. Please look at my website to get a feel of my style/topics. In September, Dust Between the Stitches, an historic novel set in the Dust Bowl will be published. Should appeal to quilters.

  30. Hi! I just read your book Peanut Butter Friends in a Chop Suey World. That was fun reading, and it was also convicting. Thank you for writing it!
    My husband and I teach in a Christian school in Seoul, South Korea. He teaches high school math and science. I teach high school English and an occasional history or choir class. Our school is all in English. Our church is in both English and Korean. I don’t NEED the language to survive here, but I want to learn it.
    I’m curious. You spent time learning Chinese in Taiwan. Now you are in New Zealand. Do you ever wonder if you wasted time learning the Chinese language? I’m wondering because I have been learning Korean for 6 years (only on Saturdays). I don’t know if we will be here 2 or 10 more years. Then we will probably be back in the USA, where I might not need to use Korean. I’d appreciate your viewpoint on languages. Thank you!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed Peanut Butter Friends. You ask an interesting question. We studied Taiwanese full time for 2 years. My husband spoke it better than I did. He preached in it weekly and could read the Bible fairly well in Chinese characters. (He used Taiwanese to read the characters and most Chinese in Taiwan only read the characters in Mandarin which is structured better for reading characters.) While we did teach English as an outreach (see my ESL lessons), we needed Taiwanese (or Chinese) to function well and to have any kind of effective ministry in the cities in which we worked. If we had stayed longer, I think I would have gone back to school to gain better conversational skills. In Taiwan, getting good language skills was key to most ministries. We didn’t foresee leaving to Taiwan until the last year we were there. Now that we live in New Zealand we don’t need our Taiwanese. Currently we have many people from the Philippines and Indonesia in our mission church, and our Asian experience helps us to relate to them. Language study was hard and I wish that I had known Taiwanese better while we were there. God led us to Taiwan and serving him well included hard effort to learn the language. Then God led us away and we don’t need that skill anymore and don’t use it much. It is certainly easier ministering in English, but it was right for us to work hard to learn the language in Taiwan and I wish I could have known it better while we were there. Between you and God you have to decide how much you need better Korean to minister more effectively and what he is leading you to do. We don’t understand many things about why God led us to Taiwan, and then away after 16 years. But we never waste time preparing to do God’s work well. I wish I had known Taiwanese better and think better conversational skills would have made me feel closer to Taiwanese who didn’t know much English, which was most of the people in our city.

      • Thank you! I appreciate your taking time to answer! 🙂 One of my students told me she was excited that I was trying to learn Korean because most of the world expects everyone to learn English, and that fact makes her feel sad that Korean is not considered important. She has been my best help when I have questions about the Korean language. She doesn’t get upset that I don’t know everything, but just encourages me to keep learning. Most Koreans are good cheerleaders for anyone really trying to learn this language. Therefore, I guess my attempting to learn is a good thing for me to continue because the Koreans appreciate my efforts.

  31. Hi, Deb. This is a nice gf unleavened bread recipe. Thanks. Our new pastor has asked me to explore different possibilities for gf communion bread. I am celiac so I have to be very careful about gluten. To be welcoming to more people, we use only gf bread in communion, not both. Too easy to have cross-contact, especially when using intinction. I have indeed many times brought my own bread to a service where I suspect the communion elements won’t be safe for me. I have to say, though, that much of the meaning is lost to me when ‘the table for all’ is referred to, but it actually doesn’t include me. Thanks for your creativity here.

    • Glad to help. When traveling we try to remember that the GF problem is ours and be grateful for any help we get. We’re thankful that so many more GF options are out there than there used to be.

  32. Hi Deb,
    Thank you for your studies. We are using your materials teaching a group of like-minded university students on our campus as well as another group of business leaders in the city. Our ESL group has doubled and we will divide it into a second group of “Seekers” for a seeker study. Those in this group are not “like-minded”, but are very interested. Do you have a study or a suggestion of a study for them? Thank you.
    Mark Best
    Somewhere in north China
    ** [please use CG’s (communication guidelines) when responding due to the sensitivity of our location.] **

  33. Thanks for your website.
    The material that you have made available looks very useful, thank you.
    I am a Baptist missionary in Moldova and would like to begin using ESL classes as a ministry tool. I was wondering if you knew of any good English language learning software that uses Bible stories or Christian themes? Do you know of any good animations/short videos that you would recommend for English language learning ministry?
    Anything else that you would pass on to me or point me to?
    Thanks again and may God richly bless you.
    Please don’t post, thanks.

    • Thanks for your comment, but I don’t know of any resources of the kind you ask about. I’m not really in the ESL world right now. Blessings on your ministry.

  34. Hi Deb,
    Just wondering if you ever access your NZ (vodafone) email address? I sent a message several days ago but then thought you probably don’t use that address any more. If not please let me know and I will send again to your current email.

    God bless,

    • If you’re the one who wrote about moving to Invercargill, yes we got your letter and Art replied. We travel a lot now and don’t always get to our emails right away. If you didn’t get our reply, please let us know.

  35. Deb,
    I read your book on Mary Weaver last year. I couldn’t put it down and was sick about what happened to her through the whole book until the end when I broke down in tears of Joy. God is so good!
    I live in Minnesota where we have a very similar trial going on with Mariel Grimm an Eagan, MN daycare provider. I find it hard to believe that Mary’s nightmare is happening again to another faithful woman. It is making me sick that the same thing is happening to her. I know God has a plan and so does Mariel. She has been praying for the injured baby and her family and everyone else since it began. She was found guilty by a jury and is going to be sentenced on Sept 29. I ask for your prayers and those of your ministry for Mariel. She has 4 small children, the youngest is 2. Please pray for her and in whatever happens, God gets the glory.

    • My daughter goes to Mariel’s church and we’ve heard the news about this case. We are praying for the family and asking how we can be supportive. Perhaps you could be a friend to her by writing her in jail, the way Mary’s friends supported her.

  36. Good afternoon, Deb.
    I found your Christmas programs via a Google search. Would like to see samples of the program before purchasing. Several look interesting but would need to see more before purchasing.

    Pastor Karen Stetins

    • Almost all my programs are free and only need to be copied and downloaded. The exception is “Christmas Disaster” which you have to order directly from the company. Sorry, I can’t give samples of it.

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