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Terms of Use: Except for the first program, which you must order, all of these programs are free. You may copy and change them to fit your personal use. (Copy and paste them into your document. Highlight the document, click control + C, go into your new document, click control + V.) Please include “debbrammer.com” onNo Room for Jesus every copy. If you refer to these programs online or post a video of a performance of them online, I would appreciate it if you would include a link to my website. Please ask permission to print entire programs on your website or blog. If you download and use any of these programs and feel that they have been a considerable help to you, please consider buying one of my books to say thank you.

Christmas Disaster

Join the Thompson Family as they learn to give their Christmas to God. This play uses pre-schoolers through teens or adults. 8 solo adult or teen parts, songs and short or group parts for 2’s thru Juniors. Sheet music included for 7 songs.

How to Make a Wise Man Hat

No Room For Jesus

Evan Scott, a modern-day Ebenezer Scrooge, journeys in his dreams through Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Yet to Come. Can these dreamy visions change a man who has “No Room For Jesus”?

This play uses 1-4 adults or upper teens with major parts and 2 adults or upper teens with medium parts; 2 lower teens or mature kids for medium parts; 7 children with short parts, and some very minor parts. Choir sings three very easy songs and Evan Scott sings a funny song. Kids and carolers sing 2 carols.

 What Can I Give Him?

The Abercrombie family discovers what they can give Jesus for Christmas. Uses 4 adult or upper teen parts, 8 or more children’s parts, and a narrator. No songs.

 Names of Jesus

What do various names of Jesus tell us about His character?

Uses narrator, puppet team, kids, choir to sing a very easy song and medley.

Gifts for Baby Jesus

Very easy. Uses 5 people dressed as Biblical characters and a narrator. Parts could be read and would need little-to-no rehearsal.

How Lovely Are Your Branches

What if your Christmas tree could listen in on your conversations? You might find he knew all kinds of secrets. And if the ornaments could talk, they could tell you a story of their own. Uses a narrator, 4 older kids, and six people to do puppets or six kids in costume.

Sounds of Christmas

This reading of the Christmas story allows the whole audience to participate by adding sound effects with rhythm instruments, voices, etc. No rehearsal needed.

Great Expectations

Sometimes Christmas is a time of expecting great presents and being disappointed. But the first Christmas gift was an ordinary-looking Baby who offered the best present ever. Uses a narrator, 4 youth, 5 kids, 2 adults or youth, and a choir or ensemble.

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Moses, David, Isaiah, Luke, and John tell how God prepared and used them to write the story of Jesus, “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” This very simple program takes about 25 minutes and can be done with no group practice. Can be used in place of a Sunday morning sermon or in many other ways.

New Words for Traditional Christmas Carols

Mother-Daughter Programs

Teddy Bears’ Picnic

God’s Beauty Make-over

Lives Under Construction

Making a Masterpiece

Jewelry of the Heart


Heirlooms of Faith

Craft Nights

Shaped by His Love–Gingerbread Man Craft Night

Hang In There — Clothes Pin Craft Night

Follow the Star — Christmas Star Craft Night

Button Jewelry Craft Night


7-Color Jesus Poem and Object Lesson

Baby Shower Word Search–Psalm 139

Road Sign Song (visualized children’s song)

Old Testament Books Song

Old Testament Timeline Quiz

Answers to OT Timeline Quiz and Motions

If you are planning to use one of these programs in your church and want to write me a quick note about it, I’d be glad to know how they are being used.

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  1. We have a small country church and I was looking for something simple for Christmas. Thanks so much for your web site. It is so helpful and we are looking for forward to doing the Names Of Jesus. God bless

  2. Hi, Deb, I was interested in looking at the “craft night” idea for our ladies’ group; however, when I click the link, it asks for a password and username. Is there another link possibly?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Could you please try again? There’s no reason anything should be asking you for a password and username. If you still can’t get it to work, I will look at it again, but it seems to work on my end. Let me know what you find out. Thanks.

  3. I am looking for a program for our annual Christmas party for the women at our church What would you suggest?

    • Sorry, I don’t write programs for women’s parties and don’t know of any either. Thanks for writing, though.

  4. We used your “What Can I Give Him?” Christmas Play this year, and it was wonderful. I appreciate your help for our little church. We were able to plug in all of the children, so everyone had a part to play. Thank you!

    • Thanks, Rebekah. I can tell from your pictures that you do a great job with programs in your church. I wrote this play for Lisa’s school when she was in first grade in Taiwan. Now she’s 38! Glad it worked for you.

  5. Thanks for these! I did the sounds of Christmas a few years ago and I’mthinking of doing it again since I am in another church no. It’s a fun one and the children are already doing a skit but we need a little bit more time filled. We had a blast! Our baby was a real ham and bawled and bawled. So funny!

  6. With less children in our church this year, it seemed our annual nativity program would have to be skipped this year. After reading “Gifts for Baby Jesus”, I feel we can still do it and adapt it to your play. Thanks so much for sharing these ideas! They truly are a blessing! God bless you!

    • I don’t think any of these will work for them. I’ve never done a program for kids this young. That takes a very particular kind of program that you won’t fine here. Sorry.

  7. Our church is very small and all children are grown and gone. needless to say I was elated to come across this website, Thank you

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