isurvivedTrue Story/Study

Mary Weaver faces accusations of murder when a child dies after being in her care. The Bible study uses examples from her true story. The study helps you think through the “why?” questions, make sense of life, and know God better. Each book can stand alone, but they work even better together.

peanut-butterPre-Teen Fiction

When Amy moves to Taiwan as an MK, her peanut butter ideas don’t work in her chop suey neighborhood. She has lots to learn about culture and friendship in this upside-down world. Printed 7 times, this book has been used by mission agencies to prepare MK’s for the mission field.

everythingPre-Teen Fiction

Josh sees another side of life when he moves from Denver to a New Zealand sheep farm. He sets out to fix everything, and when that doesn’t work, finds surprises in strange places. Josh discovers there are two sides to everything and learns to see people in new ways.

mooseYoung Adult Fiction

Cody learns living with a miracle takes lots of patience–especially when that miracle is a new believer whose past doesn’t fit his new Christian world. Moose Peak Bible Camp will never be the same again after Moose crashes the gates and challenges the way things are.

Adult Fiction

Jordan Axtell, an aspiring artist searching for a new beginning, escapes to Idaho. He hopes to put failure behind him and carve a respectable career out of the rock hard art community. But a black shadow girl with a red balloon warns him that his past refuses to stay where it belongs.

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  1. Thanks so much for doing this! I found your reviews on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but not on CBD or you own website. If you are interested may I recommend Careful Enough? by Dillon Forbes at BJUP. It is a realistic look at one kind of ministry in China.

  2. i am interested in using your Christmas program , i would like to have a copy of “how lovely are your branches” please reply How may i recieve a copy ?

    • You can copy anything from my website to use in your ministry. If you don’t like the way it downloads, you can always copy it and move it to your software program. Don’t know how to do that? Highlight the text, hold down “Control” and hit “C”. Then move to your word processing program, bring up a blank page, hold down “Control” and hit “V.” Hope that helps.

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