NT Lesson 8 – Rich Fool



Luke 12:16-21

Jesus taught people about God. He taught them about themselves and about how they could please God.  Most of the time Jesus used stories to teach people.

Jesus told a story about a rich fool. This man owned a lot of land. He grew crops on the land and stored the grain in his barns. One year his land grew a very large crop of grain. He didn’t have enough room in the barns to store the grain. So the rich man said, “I will tear down my old barns and build bigger ones. Then I will have enough room to store the grain.  I have enough grain to last for many years. I can take life easy. I will not have to work hard. I can have lots of parties and have fun with my friends.”

But that night the man died. God said to the man, “You are very foolish. You worked very hard to become wealthy. But how can your wealth help you now? Someone else will get your money.”

We have an English saying that says, “You can’t take it with you.” That means, when you die, you lose everything you own. No matter how rich you are in this life, you leave all your possessions behind when you die.

But you don’t have to lose everything when you die. If you are sorry for your sins and believe on Jesus, He’ll forgive you. Then, when you die, you will go to heaven. In heaven you will get rewards for serving God during your lifetime. Doing things on earth to please God will make you rich in heaven. But if you do not believe on Jesus, you will lose everything when you die. You will be like the rich fool.


please (v)

story (n)

fool (n)

crop (n)

store (v)

grain (n)

tear down

barn (n)

room (n)

take life easy

party (n)

foolish (adj)

wealthy (adj)

wealth (n)

own (v)

possession (n)

lose (v)

reward (n)

serve (v)

lifetime (n)


Present         Past                Past Participle         Future

tear                 tore                 has torn                     will tear

lose                 lost                  has lost                      will lose


  1. What did Jesus use to teach people most of the time?
  2. What was the rich fool’s problem when he grew a very large crop?
  3. What did the rich fool decide to do about his problem?
  4. The rich fool decided to take life easy and have a lot of parties. What happened so that he could not do this?
  5. When you die can you take your possessions with you?