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Each month from now until March 2024, I’ll give you a link to a free book by another author. During one month of that time, my book will become free for my subscribers. Scroll down to find out more about this month’s free book: Better Than Fiction by Michelle Massaro, but as you scroll down, don’t miss other freebies and reduced prices on my books.

November 22, 2013 was a night I’ll never forget. Book launches and signings can be disappointing, even embarrassing when few attend, but this book launch was different. I was launching my book Edges of Truth: The Mary Weaver Story, in Marshalltown, Iowa. As an author, I was known to very few in the area, but Mary Weaver was a celebrity—for all the wrong reasons.

Twenty years earlier, Mary was providing childcare for a baby who had a seizure. Mary called 9-1-1 and performed CPR on the baby, but later in the day the baby died. From brain injuries. Medical experts believed Mary had to have shaken and slammed the baby during the 42 minutes she had spent with the baby that day. In time, this innocent babysitter faced charges of first-degree murder and child endangerment. The shocking case made headlines for months, then years. But while some medical experts testified against Mary, others testified in her defense. Steve Brennecke, her friend and lawyer, was convinced of her innocence and fought to prove it. Frank Santiago, a prominent reporter in the area, kept her case alive. The Mary Weaver Support Group wrote letters, ran car washes, and marched in the rain, supporting her innocence. When the unthinkable happened and all hope seemed gone, God was still working in her case.

Twenty years after the baby’s death, people came early and lined up at the door of the book launch to get in. Some had come four hours or more to buy a signed book. Mary’s family was there. Frank Santiago, the reporter, stood beside Paul Rosenberg, Mary’s appeal lawyer and traded stories with Steve. The one jury member who voted “not guilty” in her first trial also spoke to Steve. Members of the Mary Weaver support group viewed photos of their earlier activities in her behalf. The venue filled with over a hundred people who, twenty years after the baby’s death, still supported Mary. No one was going away soon. Mary, Steve and I all spoke about the amazing way God had worked in Mary’s murder case.

This month is the 10th anniversary of that momentous book launch. I count it an honor to be Mary’s friend and to be entrusted with a story that spoke to me over and over again during the two years that I gathered information from Mary and Steve, wrote the story, and brought it to print. To celebrate this special time, I’m sharing these things with all of my subscribers, including links to two of my books that are in Kindle Unlimited for the first time. Feel free to share with others and think Christmas.

Read a Thanksgiving story

“Prison Blues: A Thanksgiving Story,” a free chapter from Edges of Truth that will melt your heart and challenge you to be thankful. Can be read as a stand-alone story.

Watch the book trailer

Click anywhere on the photo to view this video.

Access information from the MaryWeaverStory website

Read book reviews, copy sharable quotes, find more of the inside story about this true story and its pathway to publication.

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Now for the book by Michelle Massaro you can get for free in exchange for subscribing to her newsletter.

Novelist Meghan Townsend’s book is a stirring love story, spun from the depths of her own personal longing. In an effort to rekindle her husband’s affections, she takes up an exercise regimen and meets a charming and friendly personal trainer – who soon begins to appear in her story as the leading man. But as Meghan finds herself captivated by the passionate scenes she pens, she descends into a perilous trap of romantic fantasy – losing sight of the messy, yet genuine, love that awaits her in reality. How far will Meghan fall before discovering what lies at the heart of true love?

Michelle Massaro writes contemporary fiction soaked in grace. A Southern California native, she and her husband now proudly make their home in East Tennessee. When she isn’t busy pondering wordsmithy, this homeschooling mom enjoys board games with the family and snuggling her Pomeranian. She also loves exploring new creative hobbies like painting, resin crafting, photography, and graphic design. Fuzzy socks and a good French roast always make her happy.

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