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Deb’s book Broken Windows begins the series of Keyhole Mysteries. Like cozy mysteries these are clean, light-hearted mysteries with minimal violence and gore. They emphasize character development and solving the mystery rather than danger and chase scenes. But these mysteries also give the reader lots to think about. Be prepared to struggle with some deep Christian issues and find hope in the end.

Broken Windows

Jordan Axtell, an aspiring artist searching for a new beginning, escapes to Idaho. He hopes to put failure behind him and carve a respectable career out of the rock hard art community. But a black shadow girl with a red balloon warns him that his past refuses to stay where it belongs.

Strange things disappear and peculiar crimes point to Jordan’s guilt. Meanwhile, Alison distracts him from his goals. Zophie drives him crazy with her expectations and questions. A Bible Zone boy pulls at his heartstrings, and his roommate forces him to enter a new world of wheelchairs.

Has the most annoying graffiti artist on the planet followed Jordan to Idaho? Or is a copycat intentionally working to ruin his reputation? Jordan must find the identity of the perpetrator or lose his reputation as an artist. His new friends try to help, but with friends like his, his enemies can go on coffee break.

Prologue and first chapter (Click ‘Look inside.’)

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Déjà Who

Jordan Axtell, a talented young artist, and Zophie Zobel, his girlfriend, move to Minneapolis to help with a ministry to international students. On their first outing, Jordan is confronted by a painting he’s sure is a forgery. Jordan does what he can to right this one wrong and move on, but his decision backfires when a stranger steals his identity. Zaxx, the ghost of Boise past, haunts him with a promise he cannot break.  Jordan’s ironclad promise makes him look guilty, and Jordan is forced to prove who he is or lose his reputation.

While Jordan is facing an identity crisis, Pastor Scott asks him to do the unthinkable. Z.Z., his Chinese host son, does the unforgivable. Zophie plots the inconceivable. And when things fall apart, everyone looks to Jordan for answers.

When the FBI brushes him off, will Jordan and his friends be able to figure out who the real fake is before it’s too late? Or will Jordan’s innocence become the victim of his good intentions?

Will Jordan and Zophie’s relationship survive their goldfish bowl romance? Will they expose the forger, or will Zophie’s crazy schemes defeat Jordan’s best efforts?

Prologue and first chapter (Click ‘Look inside.’)

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